Sofa Cleaning

Dirty soft furnishings are health hazards. Clean them regularly with professional help.

Sofa cleaning service should not be engaged only when there are stains all over the upholstery set. Regular maintenance is important to ensure dust and dirt particles accumulated within the sofa are removed and fabric is refreshed. Stains that are attended to quickly are easier to remove compared to older stains.

Dirty soft furnishings are not only unsightly, they can also be a health hazard if embedded dirt particles and dust trapped within the upholstery are kept to accumulate for long period of time. Food crumbs, body grease, dust, dirt particles and micro organisms are the commonly found soil components trapped within the upholstery. Without regular maintenance, these dirt particles may cause permanent stain marks on the fabric upholstery and cause indoor air pollution.

Sofa cleaning that almost does not need drying process is unheard of until De Hygienique introduced low moisture upholstery cleaning treatment in 2004.

Unlike typical wet shampooing method, De Hygienique cleans fabric soft furnishings thoroughly using low moisture shampoo that adopts state-of-the-art encapsulation technology from Europe, the upholstered sofa set will be thoroughly cleaned without getting soaked. Depending on the soiling condition, drying time may not be required after the cleaning treatment. Even if a few hours of drying is required for dirtier fabric condition, no additional blower or air conditioner is needed.

Despite cleaning using an unconventional method, this treatment is widely acclaimed by leading high quality soft furnishing retailer, furniture manufacturers, hotel housekeepers, restaurateurs and home sofa owners, because our upholstery maintenance treatment has proven to produce fabulous cleaning result, chemical safe and very convenient!

Advantages of Low Moisture Sofa Cleaning Service

1. Safe For Any Sofa

Most concerns on upholstery cleaning, especially fabric material, is whether there is any risk of colour discoloration and even fabric shrinkage after the cleaning treatment. De Hygienique uses certified chemical safe cleaning products that will not cause discoloration. As we use low moisture shampoo, fabric cleaned will not shrink after the cleaning treatment.

2. Effective cleaning result

Despite not using the conventional shampooing method, De Hygienique’s low moisture upholstery cleaning treatment has proven to produce effective cleaning results and our treatment has received many recommendations by top range soft furnishing retailers.

3. Almost No Drying Needed

Depending on the sofa’s soiling condition and material type, sofa set can be used almost immediately after cleaning treatment is completed. For fabric upholstery that require more shampooing to remove stains and dirt, a short drying time of up to 6 hours maybe required, without using additional blower.

How is low-moisture sofa shampooing done?

After the upholstered furnishing is vacuumed to extract embedded dust and dirt particles, fabric will be thoroughly cleaned using low moisture shampoo. Shampoo will encapsulate dirt particles trapped in the upholstery into fine crystals which would then be removed at the end of the cleaning treatment. After sofa cleaning process is completed, the upholstery set will be sanitised using patented chemical safe anti dust mite and germicidal disinfectant to eliminate remaining dust mites and other microorganism.

Leather sofa will be thoroughly moisturised after thorough leather cleaning is completed to prevent leather from cracking.

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