Mattress Stain Removal Treatment

Stains on mattress are extremely difficult to remove, thus it is very critical to treat the stains as soon as they are detected.

After cleaning mattresses for more than 10 years, De Hygienique has finally developed an effective stain removal solution to treat stains on mattress. However, just like any stain removal product sold in the market, we are unable to guarantee 100% stain removal as the success of stain removal depends heavily on the characteristic of the stain.

De Hygienique Mattress Stain Removal Treatment is an add-on service after our Mattress Cleaning Treatment is completed. The stain removal solution applied on stains would typically take an average of 4 to 8 hours to dry – depends how heavy the soiling condition is. If stains are very heavy, we may need to retreat the stain after 48hours.