We aim to be a market leader by becoming a socially responsible company.

About Us

We aim to be a market leader by becoming a socially responsible company.


To become Asia’s top indoor health & hygiene solution provider.


Providing effective and excellent cleaning service standard to improve indoor living condition.

De Hygienique is Singapore’s leading indoor hygiene service provider specializing in dry cleaning and sanitizing of mattress, carpet and sofa using specially selected technologies for their revolutionary cleaning results.

When De Hygienique was set up in December 2003, professional mattress cleaning was almost unheard then. Through extensive education and market awareness efforts, and equipped with approved mattress cleaning system by mattress manufacturers and medical doctors, our effort was finally paid off.

De Hygienique made a breakthrough in 2004 and become a leading mattress cleaning and sanitizing service provider in Singapore. Our services are now extended to neighbouring countries through our partners from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, etc.

Today, mattress cleaning has almost become an integral indoor hygiene requirement in most residence, hotels, school dormitories, etc, as more people recognize the potential harm that lurks within the mattress.

De Hygienique is also among the first company in Singapore that promotes dry carpet cleaning. Dry cleaning is the emphasis in De Hygienique’s services as the cleaning technology has proven to be effective, safe on furniture material, and at the same time, give furniture owners or users convenience by not requiring long drying time after a cleaning service.

Our cleaning technology that combines cleaning and sanitizing treatment to effectively clean aesthetically and eliminate micro organisms for additional health benefit has received many nods and referrals from doctors, furniture retailers and media recommendations.

Dedicated Customer Service

We value your sales enquiry regardless of any amount. Whenever you contact De Hygienique, you will expect to be served promptly by our team of Customer Service Officers who are equipped with expertise and experience to assist in your enquiry.

One-Stop Solution Service Provider

We understand our customers have unique needs and we commit to assist our customers by customizing a series of indoor hygiene solution that will address your indoor hygiene crisis.

Trusted After Sales Service

We will deliver our upmost excellent service to meet your expectation till we solve your problem as we commit to have a long term relationship with our customers by establishing trust in our relationship with you.

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