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20 Years of Excellence: Refreshing Our Journey

Welcome to De Hygienique, where two decades of commitment, innovation, and trust come together to redefine indoor health and hygiene. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we're excited to share how our legacy has evolved and shaped the industry.


To become Asia’s top indoor health & hygiene solution provider.


Providing effective and excellent cleaning service standard to improve indoor living condition.

De Hygienique is Singapore’s leading indoor hygiene service provider specializing in dry cleaning and sanitizing of mattress, carpet and sofa using specially selected technologies for their revolutionary cleaning results.

When De Hygienique was set up in December 2003, professional mattress cleaning was almost unheard then. Through extensive education and market awareness efforts, and equipped with approved mattress cleaning system by mattress manufacturers and medical doctors, our effort was finally paid off.

De Hygienique made a breakthrough in 2004 and become a leading mattress cleaning and sanitizing service provider in Singapore. Our services are now extended to neighbouring countries through our partners from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, etc.

Today, mattress cleaning has almost become an integral indoor hygiene requirement in most residence, hotels, school dormitories, etc, as more people recognize the potential harm that lurks within the mattress.

De Hygienique is also among the first company in Singapore that promotes dry carpet cleaning. Dry cleaning is the emphasis in De Hygienique’s services as the cleaning technology has proven to be effective, safe on furniture material, and at the same time, give furniture owners or users convenience by not requiring long drying time after a cleaning service.

Our cleaning technology that combines cleaning and sanitizing treatment to effectively clean aesthetically and eliminate micro organisms for additional health benefit has received many nods and referrals from doctors, furniture retailers and media recommendations.

Our Journey Towards Leadership

Since our inception in December 2003, De Hygienique has been on a mission to transform cleaning practices. Back then, professional mattress cleaning was a concept few were familiar with. Through education, awareness, and the endorsement of mattress manufacturers and medical professionals, we pioneered approved mattress cleaning systems that have set industry benchmarks.

Innovation Beyond Boundaries

Our journey of innovation expanded in 2004 when we took a significant step towards becoming Singapore's leading soft furnishings cleaning company. This move enabled us to bring our specialized dry cleaning and sanitizing technologies to mattresses, carpets, and sofas, revolutionizing the cleaning landscape.

A Legacy Built on Trust

What truly defines us is not just the accolades we've garnered but the relationships we've cultivated and the trust we've earned from our customers. Our legacy is a result of their satisfaction and our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Expanding Horizons

Our impact is not confined to Singapore's shores. Through collaborations with partners in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and beyond, our footprint now stretches across borders, delivering our hygiene solutions to a wider audience.

Leading the Way

As we step into our third decade, our vision remains steadfast: to become Asia's premier indoor health and hygiene solution provider. Our mission is to elevate living conditions by offering effective and exceptional cleaning standards that prioritize your well-being.

Why Engage De Hygienique

Trusted and Experienced Cleaners

Our team consists of skilled and experienced cleaners who are thoroughly vetted and trained to deliver top-notch cleaning services.

Transparent Pricing

No hidden costs or surprises. Our pricing is transparent, and you'll know exactly what to expect before the cleaning service begins.

Green Cleaning Solutions

We care about the environment and your well-being. Our eco-friendly cleaning products and methods provide effective cleaning without harmful chemicals.

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