Our Team

Hygiene Service Technician
Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, De Hygienique teams of professionally trained Indoor Hygiene Specialists are responsible to resolve the problems faced by our customers in their requested premise.A team leader who has to report to the Operation Manager would always supervise his team members’ work in the project venue to ensure jobs are satisfactorily carried out.It is their duty and commitment to ensure full effort is put in and customers’ satisfaction and expectation are to be met within their means.
 Customer Service Officers

Our friendly Customer Service Officers are committed to attend to your phone enquires promptly and to render their unconditional assistance with highest quality of professionalism.They are equipped with regular trainings to enable them to provide the necessary advices to customers who face various indoor hygiene related problems, even if customers’ enquires are not relevant to the Company’s core services.It is our goal to ensure every customer has pleasant experience with De Hygienique’s services, across all departments.

Indoor Hygiene Consultants

Our teams of friendly Indoor Hygiene Consultants are dispatched to visit customers’ residential / commercial premise for onsite assessment and quotation.They are technically experienced and have the necessary knowledge to assess various indoor hygiene related problems commonly faced by customers and able to propose solutions to solve problems faced by customers. It is their commitment to build an honest and sincere relationship with their customers to develop a long term partnership. De Hygienique values all of our customers. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Should you have any feedback, please contact us as your feedbacks are valuable to us.