Upholstery Cleaning System

De Hygienique cleans sofa using dry shampoo encapsulation technology, designed and manufactured in Europe. This cleaning system uses pH 7 shampoo solution that is so safe you can apply the shampoo solution onto your face. As minimal amount of liquid is used in this upholstery cleaning system, there is almost no drying time needed after a cleaning treatment. The achievements of this revolutionary cleaning system have surpassed many conventional upholstery cleaning systems.
  • Almost no drying time needed. *Note: Heavily stained fabric would require slight drying time.
Cleans with Assurance
  • Refresh the brightness of fabric colour
  • No Shrinkage of Fabric
  • Removal of different types of spots/stains. Note: Result depends on the nature of stains.
Chemical Safe Guaranteed
  • No chemical residue on fabric
  • Safe for the babies, adolescence & elderly
Not only clean but also sanitise!
  • Eliminate bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms
  • Delay re-infestation of dust mites
Application Videos
  • Upholstery cleaning machine
  • Stain removal
Treatment Process
A special high-speed rotating brush will infuse shampoo foam onto the upholstery for effective cleaning.
The foam encapsulate the dirt through crystallizing process.
3.Brush off
Once the foam crystallized and dried, the crystal-form residues are brushed off and removed easily.
Finally, the application of the internationally patented Potema® Sanitising Spray would protect the upholstery set against bacteria and viruses and delay the re-infestation of dust mites and allergens

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