3 Carpet Maintenance Tips To Prevent Allergies

Carpet flooring is often accused as one of the common trigger to allergies by allergy specialists. Research has shown high level of dust, dirt particles, dust mites, mold, fungi in carpet piles which can cause poor indoor air quality. Allergy sufferers can potentially develop asthma, rhinitis, eczema, red and itchy eyes after inhaling the airborne dust particles and dust mites.

Despite the potential health hazard, carpeting, undeniably, present a distinct “luxurious” feel to an interior design that is irreplaceable. Prestigious establishments invest in high quality carpet so the element of lush and luxury can be experienced as their customers walk into their properties.

Fortunately, recent analysis have found that carpet should not necessarily be subjected to the full responsibility of causing allergy reaction. Many people who have lived and worked in carpeted environment are healthy. Fair evaluation has shifted the health responsibility to ineffective cleaning and maintenance practices that build up air pollutants trapped within the carpet and in the indoor air.

Findings conclude that you can still enjoy your carpet and rugs as long as you maintain your carpet diligently and appropriately. We have prepared 3 quick tips below for your guide:

1. Vacuum Carpet Regularly
Daily vacuuming is ideal especially if you have heavy traffic on the carpet. Regular vacuuming helps to reduce the accumulation of dirt and dust particles in the carpet. While this practice may not be new to you, it is not surprising to hear many offices that are vacuumed once a week or bimonthly!

2. Use Good Quality Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuuming using poor quality machines will not produce good cleaning results. Poor filter system may result in expelling the extracted dust from the carpet back into the air. Your vacuuming effort without effective vacuum system will be wasted.

3. Engage Professional Cleaning Service
Carpet requires regular deep cleaning by the professionals to thoroughly clean accumulated dirt, grimes, stains and thriving micro organisms within the carpet. Many people engage carpet cleaning service because their carpet look dirty, dull and filled with unsightly stains.

If you want your carpet to always look as good and feel as soft as it was new, the carpet should be cleaned professionally at least once a year. The main rationale is, accumulated dirt and stains will integrate themselves into carpet pile thus making them difficult to be removed during cleaning treatment.
So, if you want to keep those soft and beautiful carpets in your home and not risking inhaling polluted indoor air, remember to stick to the regular carpet maintenance schedule.

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