3 Reasons Why I Should Do Spring Cleaning Before Chinese New Year

Spring cleaning is one of the most intriguing customs associated with the Chinese New Year — a festival celebrated by millions of Chinese around the world. This important practice has been part of Chinese culture for centuries. It represents the end of an old Lunar year and a beginning of a new one.

Cleaning home before Chinese New Year celebration. | Image: Freepik

But why do the Chinese perform this cleaning ritual before beginning their festivities? Here are 3 reasons why we conduct spring cleaning before Chinese New Year and its cultural significance.

1. Cleaning invites good luck to the new year

Chinese community takes Lunar New Year celebrations very seriously. This ancient festival is an iconic celebration that is rich in history and traditional practices that represent abundance, prosperity, and happiness. Also known as Spring Festival, or Chunjie(春节)in Mandarin, this festive holiday dates back centuries and is still widely practiced among Chinese worldwide.

Drawing of Chinese family cleaning for Lunar New Year. | Image: Freepik

Traditionally, Chinese gather among family members to feast and honor their elders, ancestors, and deities during the 15 days (about 2 weeks) festival. To prepare for the big annual celebration, the Chinese believe a thorough cleaning of their house would remove bad spirits and welcome good luck into their household. This custom has been practiced since centuries ago, thus the term Spring Cleaning was coined.  

2. Bonds the family while cleaning the house

Spring cleaning is a massive cleaning project that consists of a list of thorough cleaning tasks and removing old items in preparation for the lunar new year. It is an exercise that typically involves the whole family to accomplish together. This tradition brings family members together and strengthens bonds as they work together to make their home sparkle for the new year. 

3. A time to declutter and reorganise

An important task that cannot be missed during spring cleaning is decluttering old items. This exercise symbolizes getting rid of old negative energy and inviting new good luck for the coming new year.  

Putting tradition aside, spring cleaning gives you a valid justification to discard unwanted items that have collected dust over the year. Take this opportunity to create new space at home, reorganize your furniture and purchase new ones to welcome the new year.

Decluttering and reorganising your belongings creates new space. | Image: Freepik

“Sweep away old grievances and open a door for wealth and prosperity.” While cleaning, Chinese families consider what lessons they can learn from the past before embarking on future journeys.

Spring cleaning prior to Chinese New Year is more than just throwing unwanted clothes and cleaning the house. This Chinese tradition represents hope to welcome a year of prosperity and happiness among the family.

Professional rug cleaning service. | Image: De Hygienique

To prepare for the upcoming Chinese New Year, consider deep cleaning your heavy furniture like mattresses, carpets, and sofas. Engage professional soft furnishing cleaning service providers like De Hygienique to thoroughly deep clean and sanitize your furniture to welcome the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit! 

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