3 Simple Steps to Remove Urine on the Carpet

You’ve just bought a puppy and it decided to mark its new territory by urinating on your beautiful oriental rug below your coffee table. Sounds familiar? You are not alone.

First step need to be done when your carpet is urinated, just like any other spillage on carpet, is to remove the fresh urine as much as possible, immediately. This can be done by putting several pieces of paper towels on top of the urine or the fresh urinated carpet area and place a uniformed weight on the kitchen paper towel to absorb the urine. Repeat this step if the paper towel are drenched with urine by using fresh pieces of paper towel until no more urine can be absorbed.

Second step is to mix half glass of white vinegar from your kitchen and half glass of water. Spray the urinated carpet area generously with the vinegar solution and scrub using a soft brush. This is to spread the vinegar into the carpet fibers evenly and thoroughly to neutralize the ammonia in the urine.  Dry the wet carpet by blotting with new paper towel.

Third step, when the carpet has dried, is to remove the vinegar and urine residue. Sprinkle some baking soda on the vinegar-treated carpet and leave overnight. The next day you may use mild detergent and blot the area with a clean towel. Rinse by blotting with damp clean cloth. Remember to blow dry the damp carpet with soft brush.

Points to remember when your carpet is urinated:

  1. Remove fresh urine as quickly as possible.
  2. Never use ammonia base household cleaner when removing dog’s urine on the carpet. Ammonia is present in urine so your dog / pet will have tendency to urinate again in the same spot if it smells the ammonia on the carpet.
  3. Get professional carpet cleaning service provider when urine can still be detected or smelled even after you try to remove it yourself. It is important to remove urine residue from the carpet as urine not only cause unpleasant smell in your home / office, urine residue also contains bacteria and micro organisms that can cause indoor health hazard.

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