4 Reasons to Hire Deepavali Cleaning Services in Singapore

Besides adorning homes with oil lamps, fragrant candles, and brightly colored fabrics to prepare for the Deepavali celebration, this is also a time to spring clean homes to welcome the festivity. Thorough cleaning of the entire house can be daunting, so hiring reputable professional cleaning services could be a worthwhile investment.  

De Hygienique Infographic: Reasons to engage Deepavali cleaning service.

Deepavali, also known as Diwali, is a significant festival celebrated by Hindus in Singapore. There is a significance behind each of the festival’s five days. So, prepare your home in advance for an enjoyable celebration and observe the joy of Deepavali.  

We have compiled four reasons to justify the Deepavali cleaning service bills: 

Invite Favorable Energy 

Many Hindus pray to the goddess during this celebration, asking her to bring good health, wealth, and prosperity in the coming year. Decorate and arrange your home furnishings and decoration pieces that reflect your values and interests.  

Hindu family celebrating Deepavali
Hindu family celebrating Deepavali | Image: Freepik

The old saying “cleanliness is next to godliness” describes the importance of keeping oneself and the space of one’s life clean. This proverb aptly applies to the importance of preparing a home clean and hygienic for this joyous occasion when inviting family and friends to your home. 

If deep cleaning work is not your strength, it would be worthwhile to hire professional cleaning services to complete the tasks for you. 

Be a Welcoming Host 

During Deepavali, we celebrate by hosting large gatherings at our homes and paying visits to those we care about. The time is right for everyone to get together. 

Rugs on floor
Rugs on floor. | Image: FREEPIK

A clean and neatly decorated home is always comfortable and welcoming. Plan your Deepavali cleaning checklist to ensure your home is thoroughly cleaned before visitors arrive.

Not everything can be cleaned by yourself. Consider hiring professional soft furnishing cleaning services like De Hygienique to deep clean bulky furniture like rugs, sofas, and mattresses. 

Start with a Clean New Year 

Woman Preparing home for Deepavali celebration
Preparing home for Deepavali celebration. | Image: Freepik

Deepavali is the festival that ushers in the new year for Hindus. Hindus believe that cleaning their homes with Deepavali rituals will drive away evil spirits. The festival celebrates the beginning of fresh starts in all aspects of life. Thus, it is common for Hindu families to clean and re-paint their homes before the festival begins, invoking the feeling of renewal in line with the season. 

Replace Old with New 

It’s a good idea to clean and declutter at least once a year, especially in conjunction with a holiday. This activity usually involves getting rid of knickknacks that have been collecting dust and other debris. De-cluttering will allow us to give usable items to those in need and make space for new ones.  

Word of caution, if you are allergic to dust and dust mites, you may wish to protect yourself with a surgical mask, safety goggles, and gloves to prevent allergy reactions. Alternatively, you may wish to outsource these hazardous tasks to professionals. 

Employee using mattress sanitizer
De Hygienique mattress sanitizer | Image: Freepik

Most of us like to give our homes a good scrub down before the festive season. But wait just a sec! Have you ever felt a great deal of stress just thinking about cleaning and clearing out the clutter?  

There is no reason for alarm! In Singapore, you can rely on a deep cleaning service provider like De Hygienique to do the job for the upcoming Deepavali celebration. 

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