4 Tips To Maximise Green Carpet Cleaning For Your Office in Singapore

A green carpet cleaning method typically refers to chemical-safe and environmentally friendly carpet cleaning solutions. They are cleaning methods that use cleansers that are nontoxic and safe for both humans and pets. A green carpet cleaning method also uses less water and energy. Organizations are now steering toward being more conscious of doing their part to be environmentally and socially responsible.

Additionally, going green helps organisations develop a positive reputation. It also meets the rising consumer demand for more sustainable products and services.

Carpeted offices make great aesthetics and add a softer feel to the office. It however requires more effort to maintain and clean. Office carpets are typically over large surface areas and have the highest traffic. This makes office carpets the dirtiest compared to carpets in homes. Office carpets are a catch-all for dirt, dead skin cells, bacteria, hair, viruses, mold, and many other allergens.

Deep cleaning office carpets daily is non-sustainable. It is recommended that office carpets be deep cleaned at least 1-2 times a year especially in areas with the highest traffic in order to maintain a hygienic work environment. In areas where there is a low traffic, once every 12 months is recommended.

Ensuring that the carpets go through green cleaning is important not only for the extension of the carpet’s life but also for the safety and health of employees.

In this article, we look at 4 ways you can maximise the effectiveness of green carpet cleaning and do your part in helping your company maintain a healthy environment. We will also share with you why De Hygienique is your trusted partner in helping you maintain your office carpets.

1. Vacuum Carpets Regularly

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Regular vacuuming helps remove dust and dirt particles quickly before they are able to accumulate in the carpet pile. Once carpets get heavily soiled, it would require more effort and resources to deep clean the carpet. This also means increased use of water, detergent, and electricity to clean.

Regular vacuuming also helps reduce friction caused by dirt on the carpet and pressure from foot traffic which may cause carpets to look dull over time. It not only helps prolong the carpet’s appearance but also prevents premature wear and tear. A cleaner carpet leads to improved indoor air quality.

2. Remove stains and spillages quickly

Spills can cause permanent stains and damage to carpets. It is important we act immediately when spills happen to avoid further damage. One should know that the longer stains stay on carpets, the harder it gets to remove.

Blot spillages quickly using warm water and a clean cloth. It is safer for you to use natural cleaning products when it comes to stain removal. This includes baking soda and vinegar.

3. Choose plant-based or green carpet cleaning products

Plant-based and eco-friendly carpet cleaning products are more biodegradable and have far less of an impact on the environment. Selecting products with green/eco-friendly labels is a great way for us to keep our environment safe and conscience clear.

4. Engage professional carpet cleaners who use green carpet cleaning techniques

Deep cleaning by De Hygienique office carpet cleaning. | Image: De Hygienique

Professional carpet technicians are licensed, skilled and experienced. They should have relevant certifications such as certificates from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and WoolSafe. This would indicate that they are knowledgeable in the field and have been tested and certified. IICRC sets carpet cleaning standards to ensure that methods used during carpet cleaning do not involve harmful substances. 

Trained carpet cleaning technicians are aware of products and technologies that are up to date. They are trained to identify the most suitable cleaning method for your office. They are familiar with evolving trends, products and practices. This ensures that your carpets are dealt with more efficiently and safely. Leave the cleaning job to a professional to leave your carpet looking its best and for it to last longer.

Why Choose De Hygienique’s Carpet Cleaning Service?

We use eco-friendly carpet cleaning products which produce less harmful waste to the environment than conventional carpet cleaning methods. Our eco-friendly cleaning products produce excellent carpet cleaning results and have been certified safe for users and the environment.

In addition, our carpet cleaning team also specialise in providing a carpet cleaning service that uses a highly efficient, low-moisture cleaning process to remove unpleasant stains from your carpet and keep your carpet looking and smelling fresh. and sanitary.

Before and after carpet cleaning service

Having close to 20 years of carpet cleaning experience, we have accrued knowledge and cleaning experience to ensure our carpet cleaning services are effective and safe, most importantly meet our customers’ satisfaction.

To schedule no-obligation onsite assessment and quotation, call +65 6749 1950 or contact us online to learn more about what we have to offer.

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