4 Tips to Prolong Your Carpet’s Life

Carpets can help to add that extra spice to your house. However, it can also bring about another hassle, especially with making sure that it is clean. More than hygiene, there are plenty of benefits for a cleaner carpet. We know that dirty carpets are a magnet for different allergens and bacterias, and to change carpets every time it gets a little soiled screams nothing less than entitlement, considering just how expensive carpets go for these days.

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Now, how can we call ourselves professionals if we don’t provide you with some helpful guides and tips on how you can keep your carpet healthy for many more years to come?


This may seem obvious, but you should look to vacuum your carpet at least once a week. This habit can be highlighted as an essential practice when it comes to carpet maintenance, as it not only removes the dirt and dust mites from your carpet, but also helps to remove any toy parts or lego bricks from what remains of the kids’ playtime earlier.

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Double-up Against Stains

This is a no-brainer, but our laziness can sometimes lead us astray, and leave our carpets stained, forever…

Another obvious tip but there is actually a reason for this. There is no one who would want to stain their carpet but it is something that is inevitable whether it was caused by an accident or not. Though it may sometimes be dreadful to stand up again after we get comfortable in our sofa or beds, you have to act fast to clean your carpet from the stain as with such a climate in Singapore, stains are sure to stick much faster than it normally would. Make sure to bust out the stain remover quick! In the off chance that you are lacking any stain removers, there are even household items that could help substitute for them like shaving creams or even beer!

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Keep the Sun at Bay

As Singaporeans, we are no strangers to the sun and how the scorching heat can sometimes be overbearing for us. Similarly, our carpets can suffer from their own style of sunburns. With the fibres being exposed to the sun, they can be easily damaged and even discoloured when exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods. We can maintain our carpet’s quality by ensuring that they are kept snugly in the shades with minimal sunlight in the afternoon.

Deep Cleaning

Most people may think regular vacuuming should be more than enough for their carpet, but this is usually not the case. The process of deep cleaning is one so thorough that it ensures dirt, bacteria, and dust mites are rid from within the deepest parts of your carpet. Giving your carpet a deep clean need not be done as frequently as vacuuming it, but we recommend getting your carpets professionally cleaned every 6 months.

Cleaning the carpet using a professional machine

Has it been more than 6 months or even a couple of years since the last time you’ve had your carpets professionally cleaned? If so, maybe it’s time we get in touch!

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