5 Life-Saving Tips About What To Avoid On Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is a popular choice for many homes because of its natural beauty and durability. However, like any other type of furniture, it’s important to take care of leather furniture to ensure that it lasts for years.

To help you protect your leather sofa furniture, here are five tips on what to avoid on leather furniture:

5 life saving tips on what to avoid on leather furniture1) Harsh chemicals or cleaners

One of the most important things to remember when taking care of leather furniture is to avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaning products. Harsh chemicals can damage the finish on the furniture and cause the leather to crack and dry out over time. Find out from a furniture retailer which leather cleaning product you can use on your leather furniture. 

2) Hot objects

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Another thing you’ll want to avoid when taking care of leather furniture is placing hot objects on it. This can cause the leather to crack or peel. So, be sure to use caution when placing anything that may be hot on your leather furniture.

3) Pets

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Pets can also be damaging to leather furniture. Their claws can cause scratches, and their fur can be difficult to remove. So, it’s best to keep them off of your leather furniture.

4) Direct sunlight

Direct sunlight on man sitting on sofa

Leather furniture should also be avoided in direct sunlight, as the sun can fade the color of the leather over time and cause it to dry out and crack. If you must place your leather furniture in a sunny room, try to keep it out of direct sunlight as much as possible, or be sure to protect it with a UV-coated fabric.

5) Avoid using sharp objects

One important thing to remember when owning leather furniture is to avoid using sharp objects on it. This can damage the surface of the leather and create unsightly scratches. If you need to use a sharp object, be sure to use it away from your leather furniture. 

By following the above tips on how to care for your leather furniture, you can help keep your leather furniture looking its best for years to come. And don’t forget to contact leather upholstery care service at least once a year to thoroughly clean and treat your leather furniture. 


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