5 Signs Your Carpets Needs Cleaning in Singapore

In most households, a carpet is a common decoration. Unlike a cabinet of trophies that may be wiped down with a cloth every now and then however, caring for carpets is a little more tricky, especially if they are neglected and not treated regularly.

If you are not sure, we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 common signs that tell you it’s perhaps time to give the professional cleaners a call.

1. Stains

Arguably the most obvious sign your carpet needs a wash. Be it a spilled drink from the night before, or your pets accidentally messing up your carpet – your carpet is bound to have stains.

Everyone wants their carpet to be in a pristine condition for as long as possible. After all, who likes a stained carpet? If you’re unsure about the right way to deal with stains, we’ve got that down in a separate article here.

Stains on Carpet
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2. Pungent Odours

When vacuuming your floors, you might notice a musty carpet smell. That may be unpleasant, and a clear sign that your carpet needs a thorough clean.  More than a disturbing scent lingering around our noses, a smelly carpet may also pose health risks, where mold, dust and dirt have likely piled up in your carpet.

Woman pinching her nose, due to unpleasant smell
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3. Frequent Allergies

Dust and dirt in the air are usual culprits of our uncontrollable allergies. While we’re constantly sneezing and wondering where all the dust is coming from, we may underestimate the amount of dust, dirt among other microorganisms and allergens present in our carpets.

If your allergies persist even after a thorough clean around the entire room surface, the carpet could be the possible culprit.

allergic woman blowing running nose
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4. Carpet Discolouration

When you realise that your carpet doesn’t look the same as it was when you newly bought it, it could be more than just a sign of your carpet aging. Accumulated dust and dirt often cause carpet fabric colour to look dull. Fortunately, there are methods to rejuvenate the beauty of a carpet, made possible by modern cleaning technology.

De Hygienique Carpet Cleaning Machine

5. Long since the last clean

Professional cleaners have advised households to send their carpets to be thoroughly cleaned and treated at least once, or twice a year. If it’s been long past that timeframe, you should most definitely contact your cleaners. Did your carpet check any of these signs? Look no further for a trusted cleaner, we’re only one call away.

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