5 Steps To Remove Stain On Your Fabric Furnishings

Stains on fabric furnishings are unsightly and can be difficult to be removed. It is very crucial to attend to the stains as quickly as possible to increase the chance of removing the stains completely.

If there is excessive spilled fluid on the sofa, carpet or mattress, place some kitchen paper on the spilled fluid and apply pressure using your palm to absorb the spilled fluid. Do not wipe the stain as this will cause the fluid to spread and widen the stain on the fabric furnishing.

The next step is blotting stain. This is the basic and immediate step to do when removing stain from any soft furnishings.

Step 1

Always blot as much of the stain as possible by using a clean, damp cloth immediately after spillage occurs.

Step 2

When you are blotting the stain, simply put your thumb on a clean damp cloth and apply some pressure on the stain to let the cloth absorb as much of the stain as possible.

Do not scrub or wipe the stain as you may end up damaging the fabric or cause the stain to spread which will make the stain even more difficult to remove.

Step 3

You may use a little dishwashing detergent to blot the stain and use another clean damp cloth to remove the soap if the stain cannot be removed.

Step 4

If you are not satisfied with the result, repeat the above steps till the spilled residue is removed or lightened.

Step 5

Blow dry the damp area with cool air after the blotting process.

Do not be discouraged if the stains cannot be removed completely. There are many types of stains that may occur on your soft furnishings – curry, red wine, urine, pen, lip stick etc – which sometimes cannot be completely removed just by blotting with mild detergent.

Different types of stains may need different combination of products and steps to remove the stains more effectively, and more often than not, these suggested “household” products may not be readily available in your home or office.

If the stain still cannot be removed after following the above suggested steps, contact a professional cleaning service immediately. Professional cleaning service providers would have the necessary skill, equipment and stain removal products to treat and remove the stain on your furniture.

De Hygienique offers professional cleaning service for sofa, carpet and mattress, using revolutionary dry cleaning technologies that use minimal fluid and contain no harmful chemical.

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