5 Tips For Red Wine Stain Removal On Carpet

Spilling red wine on your carpet require prompt action to remove the spilled wine and stain otherwise you can expect a permanent mark on the carpet. The quicker you tend to the spillage, the higher the probability if you want to remove the stain completely.

The most immediate step to do when you spill wine on the carpet is to grab kitchen papers, many of them depending how much wine you spilled on the carpet, and place them on the spilled wine. Apply some pressure on the kitchen papers to absorb the stain from the carpet. When the kitchen papers are totally soaked, discard, change a new set and press it down on the wine spillage until the wine is fully extracted into the kitchen paper.

Do NOT rub or wipe the red wine as you will end up spreading the wine onto bigger surface area and damaging the carpet fibre.

After most of the wine is fully extracted, stain removal treatment needs to be done. When come to removing of wine stains, there seems to be various schools of thought shared by avid wine drinkers who often experience wine spillages.

School #1 Remove red wine stain with more wine.

No, this is not a typo error. Interestingly, neutralizing red wine stain using white wine is one of the most popular tips given by wine drinkers. White wine has the enzyme that can neutralize the stain caused by red wine and make the stain easier to remove.

Simply pour some white wine on the red wine stain, and gently blot the stain using clean damp cloth. After most of the red wine stain is removed, you may use some mild detergent to clean the stain area using the blotting method. Use a new damp cloth to blot and remove the remaining detergent and stain. Blow dry the damp carpet with cool air, and brush the fibre to lift up the wet and flattened carpet.

School #2 Pour Soda Water on the stain

Another popular tip to remove red wine stain is using soda water. The effervescence soda water help to lift up stain from the carpet fibre. High salt content in the soda water helps to prevent the stain from settling in the carpet fibre.

Application of the soda water on the carpet is the same as the white wine described above.

Although this method is claimed to be less effective compared to using white wine, there is no harm trying this method if you don’t have white wine in your cabinet. This can be a cheaper and next best alternative.

School #3 Pour salt onto the stain

Salt has a natural ability to absorb fluid effectively. So if you do not have any white wine or soda water, salt in your kitchen is your next emergency kit to prevent the stain from being further absorbed by the carpet.

After removing the excess wine from the carpet, simply pour plenty of salt on the red wine stain and let it settle while you get other stain removal product. Vacuum the salt thoroughly before beginning stain removal process. Baking soda can also do the trick if you don’t have salt.

There are suggestions to mix your own stain removal solution by combining carpet shampoo and hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful oxidizing agent and may cause bleaching. While wine stain can be removed by hydrogen peroxide, you may also remove the carpet dye if the application or mixture is not done correctly thus causing an unsightly permanent mark on the carpet.

School #4 Mixing vinegar and detergent

If you want to try some home made wine removal solution, you may consider mixing 1/3 cup of white vinegar with 2/3 cup of water. Pour vinegar solution on the red wine stain and blot with a clean cloth. When the stain is lighten, use mild dish washing detergent to blot the remaining stain. Rinse the soap by spraying some water on the soaped carpet and blot using a dry clean cloth.

Blow dry and brush the carpet to prevent flattening the carpet when it dries.

School #5 Get professional help

Professional carpet cleaning companies are equipped with cleaning technologies and a range of effective and safe stain removers, which may not be available in the DIY shops, to tackle stubborn stains.

If you are having doubt or difficulties in removing the wine stains on your carpet, it is highly recommended to contact a reputable carpet cleaning service provider immediately after spillage occurs to help you alleviate the problem.

Do not wait till the stain stay in the carpet for a long period before contacting the professionals if you want the stains to be removed completely. The longer you wait, the higher the chance the stain would have integrated into the carpet fibre.

While you wait for the professional’s aid, it is still important to quickly remove the excess wine and blot the stain on the carpet as much as possible.

De Hygienique offers professional carpet cleaning service, using minimal fluid that does not contain any harmful chemical. The revolutionary dry cleaning technology is able to deep clean the carpet safely and remove stubborn stains effectively.

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