5 Tips To Start Your Festive Cleaning

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  1. Refresh indoor air quality by engaging professionals to thoroughly clean air conditioners, draperies, mattresses, sofas and carpets. These soft furnishings collect high amount of dust, dirt and micro organisms which can cause harm to our health.If you have not been cleaning them regularly, it’s time to get the professionals.
  2. Greasy area around cooker hood, stove, and kitchen top should be cleaned. The longer you postpone cleaning the grease; there is higher chance for these stains to get hardened and difficult to be removed totally. If you prefer using non chemical cleaning method, you can consider sprinkling baking soda on greasy surface to help remove grease stains.
  3. Look out for hidden corners often overlooked during regular housekeeping. (E.g. Cornices, cabinets, toilets, storage areas, balcony, planters, laundry, behind and under movable heavy furniture, etc.). Thoroughly clean and dry these areas as dust, stains, algae and microorganisms are often spotted in dark and unexposed places.Vinegar, baking soda and salt are popular ingredients used for non chemical cleaning agent. They can be used to help remove stains on fabric upholstery, mineral deposits on metal household appliance like kettle or toaster, and even tiles in toilet or bathrooms.
  4. Reorganize your hidden treasures. It is normal to have hidden corners in the home cluttered with items. Over time, their existence may be forgotten and become prone to collecting thick layers of dust. Clean and dry your items thoroughly, store neatly with labels or give them to charity if you don’t need them anymore.
  5. If there are many soft toys at home, then it’s time to get them cleaned thoroughly. Soft toys tend to collect lots of dust, so if you or children are sensitive to dust and dust mites, soft toys should be removed from the room.Soft toys should be vacuumed regularly to remove the embedded dust by using the dusting brush attachment. If the soft toy is washing machine washable, then put the soft toys into a pillow case and you can wash them in washing machine, preferably using hot water above 60C to kill dust mites. If not machine washable, you may consider using mild upholstery cleaning kit to clean the surface of the soft toys, then apply anti dust mite treatment to kill dust mites and bacteria.Chemical safe anti dust mite treatment application is sold by De Hygienique. For more festive cleaning information, please contact our customer service for assistance.

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