A Children’s Day Feature: Remember When Mattresses Needed to Be Beaten?

For those of us old enough to remember, our mothers or grandmothers, used to bring out the pillows, bolsters and mattresses into the sun, hanging them on wooden poles, stuffing them through the window grills or over the railings of a HDB home; then using a stick or a pole to hit them.

The Old Way

This punishment of the pillows, bolsters, and mattresses was done in the belief that it would remove dirt, dust mites, and bed bugs that were intent on living within these sleeping accessories.

Of course, the action of hitting does help loosen some inert dust particles and maybe cause some dust mites to be flung into the air, but the dust that we see coming out, settles back in very soon, as it slowly floats its way, out of the sunlight and back on to the mattress.

But, it is noteworthy that direct sunlight does kill dust mites due to its ultraviolet light properties, and it is not unfounded that such practices continue into this day and age.

Old Way Is Not Bad Way, Just That New Way Is Better

Today, there are more efficient ways to clean and disinfect your mattresses. Some in-house remedies include vacuuming, followed by the use of baking soda, vinegar, or commercial cleaning chemicals.

Of course, the first thing about doing it yourself is the hassle of doing it yourself. Then there is downtime and the uncertainty of whether it was done right, or in the long run, if it was actually working.

Old ways may not necessarily be bad ways, but there may just be more efficient and more effective methods of cleaning and disinfecting.

For example, at De Hygenique, the mattress is deep cleaned using technology from Europe that is 100% dry. Meaning you can use your mattress immediately after cleaning. It is also 100% safe and offers additional service that removes mattress stains!

Dust mites, bacteria, and other micro-organisms are eliminated effectively and embedded particles in the mattress are thoroughly removed. After the whole mattress cleaning process is done, an anti-dust mite application is applied to prevent and delay the reproduction of more dust mites.

The benefits and convenience of a professional cleaner are clear to see.

Whatever you choose to do, for some of us as parents, we just want to provide a cleaner, more sanitised sleeping environment for our children, or to better manage allergies.By doing so, we achieve greater peace of mind, knowing that they are sleeping better – just like how our parents have tried to do the same for us.

Happy Children’s Day!

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