Are Covers Sufficient To Keep Your Dining Chairs Clean?

Dining chairs are undeniably some of the worst soiled soft furnishings found in any home or F&B outlet. Food crumbs, spilled gravy stains, body grease and pen marks are some of the common sights found on the chairs. To make things worse, many of these unsightly stains are stubborn stains which are almost impossible to remove.

What can we do to maintain the condition of the dining chairs? Many opt to use chair covers.

If your dining chairs are heavily used for dinner parties, or there are pets and young children in your home, then chair covers would be a good preventive solution to your housekeeping woes.

Consider different cover options available in the market that vary in material quality, design and prices. Good quality covers can take most or all of the dirt and stain should spillage occurs. By shielding them from regular stains and spillages, chair covers also helps to lengthen your chairs’ lifespan significantly.

Beautifully designed covers can also help to rejuvenate the look of your chairs’ upholsteries at a much lower price. If soiled these covers can be thrown into the washable in the washing machines. So instead of trying to blot and wash away the stains on the dining seat, you can just simply turn on your laundry machines.

While chair covers are useful, you should still keep up the necessary housekeeping practices to keep your dining chairs clean and hygienic such as:

1. Regular vacuuming

Nothing beats regular vacuuming of your upholstery. Fine dirt particles from food, dust, skin flakes penetrates through fine fabric. Many people overlook the need to regularly vacuum their upholstery and by time they realise their mistakes, more often than not, a layer of light grey stain has been formed on the upholstery and they tend to be difficult to remove.

2. Scheduling regular professional cleaning service

Not all fabric upholstery can be washed in the washing machines. Many of the fabrics have gone through some intricate sewing process and should require cleaning treatment from the professionals to ensure they are not damaged during the cleaning process.

Regular cleaning ensure your upholstery stays clean and hygienic. If there are any new stains, the chance of spotting and removing the stains are higher during the periodic cleaning.

3. Immediate action should spillage occurs

Even if your seats are protected with chair covers, you should always check the extent of the spillage. If spillage penetrated through the cover, you should immediately grab clean cloth to blot the stains.

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