Bed Bugs and Dust Mites. What’s the Difference?

For some of us, bed bugs and dust mites are identical. They are pests, they do not belong on a mattress, and they definitely do not help in getting us a good night’s rest.

That is where the similarities end.

Dust Mites

  • Are organisms that feed on skin flakes that we shed throughout our lives.
  • Do not carry any diseases, but the excrement they produce can cause allergies in some individuals.
  • Are microscopic! Here is a little perspective – the head of a pin is about 2mm in diameter, the average size of a dust mite is 0.3mm. Therefore, if you can see something crawling on your mattress, it’s definitely NOT a dust mite.
  • Mostly found within soft furnishings like mattresses, sofa, carpet, soft toys, drapery, etc.

Bed Bugs

  • Are parasites that feed on blood.
  • On average do not exceed 0.5cm in size and can be seen by naked eyes.
  • While bed bugs do not carry any diseases, the bites they leave behind can inflame leading to an infection.

Whether it’s a dust mite or a bed bug, they are definitely not pleasant partners to be sleeping with! If you are suffering from incessant sneezing or bites after a beauty night’s rest, make sure you get professionals to assess the problem! De Hygienique’s mattress cleaning service is trusted and recommended by doctors and mattress manufacturers especially for allergy management practice.

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