Top Benefits of Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is a cleaning method that require little to almost no moisture application on the carpet during cleaning treatment, mainly using compound or encapsulation cleaning technology. These 2 carpet cleaning methods are gaining popularity in offices, hotels, F&Bs, and even homeowners, here in Singapore and other Asian countries.

Dry carpet cleaning is popular simply because carpet can be walked on almost immediately after cleaning is completed. This convenience means a lot especially to offices whose operations cannot be disrupted or shut down due to carpet cleaning, hotels where there is continuous flow of human traffic on the carpet or rug owners who cannot have their rugs removed from their homes.

But the benefits do not just end here.

Contrary to common misconception that dry carpet cleaning provides only surface cleaning, you can expect your carpet to be deeply cleaned typically by counter rotating brushes that will open up the flattened carpet and remove the embedded dirt within the carpet pile.

Compound, or known as powder by some dry carpet cleaning technology manufacturers, would be sprinkled on carpet during treatment. The compound is made of natural biodegradable ingredients like wood and maize that are transformed into small sponge-like particles that will be brushed into the carpet to absorb dirt and stain residues. The soiled compounds will then be removed by the cleaning equipments together with dirt and stains. Carpet can be safely stepped on anytime when cleaning is in progress. The above steps will be repeated until carpet is thoroughly cleaned and refreshed. This carpet cleaning method has proven to clean efficiently even on heavily soiled carpet.

A good dry carpet cleaning technology also comes with batteries of stain removal products that effectively dissolve dirt and stains on carpet. When dirt and stains on carpet are dissolved and removed effectively, your carpet will look refreshed and clean like new again.

For those who are concerned with chemical exposure during a cleaning process, dry carpet cleaning is an ideal choice because biodegradable ingredients are commonly used that contain minimal chemical content which can be removed from the carpet easily.

Risks caused by wet carpet cleaning methods, such as unpleasant smell after cleaning due to insufficient drying, stimulating infestation of mould and mild dew in the carpet, saturated chemical residue, carpet shrinkage, etc, are totally minimized when carpet is cleaned using dry carpet cleaning method.

Dry carpet cleaning’s proven performance and the minimal risk it poses has gained so much popularity that major carpet manufacturer around the world and rug retailer have recommended their customers to clean carpet using this cleaning technology.

De Hygienique offer dry carpet cleaning using compound or encapsulation methods, depend on carpet’s soiling conditions. For more information, visit

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