Can Baking Soda Wash a Sofa Effectively?

One of the quickest and easiest ways to wash your sofa is using a common item in your home pantry, like baking soda.

Baking soda has numerous non-culinary uses. This low-priced powder can remove mold from bathroom tiles, absorb cat scents from the litter box, and remove watermarks on silverware.

Baking soda’s moderate alkalinity makes it a natural cleaning agent. When combined with vinegar, the two common cooking ingredients react and can produce impressive cleaning results, like cleaning grout between tiles. Because of its alkalinity, baking powder can neutralize high pH odors like body perspiration. In addition, baking soda is also an effective moist absorbent. 

Infographic: Benefits of using baking soda to clean sofa.
Infographic: Benefits of using baking soda to clean sofa. | Credit: De Hygienique

The benefits of baking powder for its cleaning properties are many, which makes it look like a potential omnipotent cleaning powder. 

Is baking soda an effective sofa cleaning remedy?

Infographic: Cleaning Sofa Using Baking Soda
Infographic: Cleaning Sofa Using Baking Soda | Credit: De Hygienique

A dirty sofa is usually caused by accumulated dirt and dust particles trapped on and within the upholstery. When not cleaned, the embedded dust, dirt, and body grease may decay over time, leading to an unpleasant odor—a familiar grouse sofa owners make about their dirty sofa. 

Whether it’s for a leather or fabric sofa, vacuuming (without baking powder) is, therefore, the essential sofa cleaning process to maintain sofa upkeep. Regular vacuuming can remove dust and debris in the upholstery. In addition, frequent vacuuming could also prevent foul odors from emitting from the upholstery too.  

Vacuuming of sofa
Vacuuming of sofa is important for basic maintenance. | Credit: Freepik

If you feel sofa vacuuming does not clean sufficiently, you may consider sprinkling some baking soda on the sofa to aid in absorbing moisture in the upholstery. After applying baking soda to the sofa set, leave the powder to rest on the upholstery for at least an hour. Then, vacuum the sofa thoroughly to remove the fine baking soda powder. 

However, to deep clean a sofa, using baking soda alone may not be sufficient to do the work. So, for deep cleaning, engage a professional sofa cleaner to thoroughly shampoo and wash dirt particles and stains on the couch.

Before & after cleaning of a fabric sofa
Image of before and after cleaning of a fabric sofa. | Credit: De Hygienique

Hire a professional sofa cleaning service to effectively remove built-up dirt and microorganisms that have settled deep within the sofa. De Hygienique deep cleans the sofa using state-of-the-art low moisture sofa cleaning technology.

employee cleaning sofa
De Hygienique sofa cleaning service. | Credit: De Hygiennique

Contact our customer service today for more information about De Hygienique’s sofa cleaning service.

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