Can I clean rug just by sunning?

The sun is undeniably one of the best source of ultraviolet radiation that can help to disinfect microorganisms such as bacteria. House dust mites, a type of microorganism that is commonly found within the carpet pile, are proven to be one of the key allergens that can trigger allergy illnesses like asthma, rhinitis, and eczema.

Sunning doesn’t just help to disinfect and eliminate allergens. Sunning a smelly rug can also effectively reduce or even totally remove the bad odour. However, long exposure to direct sunlight may cause colour discoloration. Thus extra precaution is needed when sunning your rug in an unsheltered open space.

Rug cleaning mainly revolves around eliminating airborne dust and dirt particles that settle into the carpet. Accumulated dust and dirt particles not only cause the rug to look dirty and dull, these air pollutants may cause health hazard to those who inhale these fine particles in the air.

While the sun is useful when assisting with rug maintenance, unfortunately you cannot get rid of the microscopic dust and dirt particles that are deeply embedded within the carpet pile over time simply by placing the rug near the sun.

Soiled rug need to be attended quickly to ensure spillage and stains have been thoroughly removed and rinsed before sunning. The sun, unfortunately, is not able to remove stain. Instead, the sun can expedite the spilled substance to penetrate into the carpet fibre and create a permanent mark on the rug.

How to clean my rug effectively?

For daily maintenance, rug/s should be carefully vacuumed using vacuum cleaner equipped with good HEPA filter. Good vacuum cleaner helps to extract embedded dirt and dust particles into the system without blowing fine residue into the air.

When spillage takes place, immediate action should be done to prevent stains from spreading and penetrating into the fine fibres. Place new kitchen papers or a clean cloth over the spillage and press the cloth gently onto the soiled rug. Wiping the spillage on the rug will spread the stain to wider area.  After excess spillage is removed, blot the remaining stain by using another clean cloth that has rinsed with fresh water. Depending what type of liquid that has been spilled on the rug; you may apply dishwashing detergent, baking soda, or diluted vinegar solution on the stained rug and blot using clean cloth to help with stain removal. Always end stain cleaning by rinsing and drying the damp spot thoroughly to prevent creating watermark on the carpet.

Engage professional rug cleaning company annually for thorough cleaning and to refresh the colour of a dull looking rug. If the rug has been stained, professional rug cleaners will have better chance to fully remove the stains.

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