Carpet Cleaning Hacks in Singapore (Easy to Follow)

Hacks for Carpets with High Foot Traffic

Having a carpet in your office can drastically change the look and feel of your work environment for the better. It makes the office cosier and more homely. However, it also means that the carpets get lots of foot traffic, with people stepping on them day in and day out. For these carpets, here are some tips, tricks, or even hacks that make cleaning easier!

a person vacuuming the carpet

Carpet Lift

Carpets with high foot traffic are more prone to wear and tear. To keep the carpet looking its best, spritz it with a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar. Leave it to fully absorb and run a stiff spoon sideways along the carpet to loosen up the fibers.

Alternatively, for carpets with furniture indents, you can place ice cubes in the grooves caused by the furniture and wait for them to melt. Blot the water off and place a clean towel on top, then iron the towel until it is dry.

Area Rugs

They say prevention is better than cure, and in the case of carpets, that is certainly the case. Use an area rug on top of your carpet for optimal protection against wear and tear. It can be removed at any time and the carpet underneath will be shiny as ever!

area rug in office

Carpet Deep Cleaning

With high foot traffic, carpets get dirtier faster and require more frequent cleaning. However, you can combat this by giving your carpet one good deep clean once every 12 months, which helps to reduce the frequency of your carpet cleaning.

Hacks for Pet Owners

dog on carpet

Pet owners in Singapore would know that pet fur and carpets just don’t mix. For pet owners who care about their carpets as much as their pets, these are the hacks for you!

1. Squeegee Pet Hair

Pet hair or fur is exceptionally difficult to remove from carpets with a vacuum cleaner, but a squeegee may just be your new best friend! Water the squeegee and use it as you would when cleaning windows.

2. Removing Pet Urine

Speaking of pet problems, urine is one of the worst as it not only stains, it smells. Applying baking soda over the area allows it to soak up all the urine leaving no stains behind. Vacuum the remaining powder up and your carpet should be good as new!

3. Carpet Deodorizer

If your carpet still smells from your last pet disaster, mix two tablespoons of Borax with ten drops of pet-friendly essential oil. Follow this with two cups of baking soda and sprinkle your carpet with the mixture. Vacuum the remaining powder after ten minutes.

Hacks for All Carpet Owners

If your carpet is simply too much for you to handle, even with these hacks, hand them over to us and let us help you!

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