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If you live in Singapore, you know the importance of carpet and rug cleaning. There are many reasons to keep your carpets clean, and one of the most important is to protect your health. Dust mites, mold, and other allergens can build up in carpets and rugs, causing respiratory problems and other health issues. Regular carpet cleaning can help to remove these allergens and keep your home and workplace healthy and hygienic.

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Why Choose De Hygienique

“Keeping your home and workplace safety is our priority”

de hygienique professional carpet cleaning service

1. Highly Experienced

With close to 20 years of carpet and rug washing experience, De Hygienique’s carpet cleaning specialists are proficient in their cleaning skills and have the required cleaning product knowledge on how to clean and treat different types of carpet and rugs conditions.

2. Professionally Certified

woolsafe approved certification

De Hygienique’s carpet and rug cleaning processes have been certified by international accreditation bodies such as the Institute for Inspection Cleaning Restoration Certification (IICRC) and WoolSafe. 

These certifications are meant to affirm the cleaning products and processes adopted by De Hygienique’s carpet and rug cleaning professionals have met these organisation’s standards. These accreditation bodies aim to ensure carpet cleaning professionals wash carpets responsibly, without causing harm to users and the environment. 

3. Client’s Reference

We have serviced many clients’ carpets and rugs, both in residential and corporate premises. Our satisfied clients have affirmed our service standards through their feedback and reviews on social media and other platforms.

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Benefits of De Hygienique’s Carpet Washing Service:

  • Low moisture cleaning technology

Our company specializes in providing carpet and rug washing service using a state-of-the-art, highly efficient low-moisture cleaning process to remove unpleasant stains and dirt from your carpets.

  • Eco friendly

We use eco-friendly carpet cleaning products which produce less harmful waste to the environment than conventional carpet cleaning methods. Our eco-friendly cleaning products produce excellent carpet cleaning results and have been certified safe to users and the environment.

  • Highly skilled and trained

Our team of service technicians are fully trained, skilled, and highly experienced to handle the finest, safest, and most efficient cleaning of your carpets and rugs, designed to meet your needs as well as our own.

  • Clients’ satisfaction

excellent client satisfaction score

Having close to 20 years of carpet cleaning experience, we have accrued knowledge and cleaning experience to ensure our carpet cleaning services are effective and safe, most importantly meet our customers’ satisfaction.

What we do

Carpet Washing Treatment Process

De Hygienique Carpet cleaning process

  • Brushing

During the carpet cleaning process, the rotating brushes in the carpet cleaning machine loosen dirt, clean the carpet pile, and lift the flattened carpet.

  • Cleaning

The carpet is cleaned by applying pinewood cleaning compounds and brushing them into carpets to absorb stains and dirt.

  • Collection of Compound

During this step, the soiled compound on the carpet is brushed out into an attached tray. An additional round of vacuuming will be repeated to ensure thorough removal of the compound.

  • Sanitizing

We do not just clean, we also sanitize your carpet. A specially formulated antibacterial solution would be applied on cleaned carpet to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, as well as delay the reoccurrence of dust mites and allergies.

After and Before carpet cleaning Our professional cleaners are trained to assess the condition of your carpets and rugs, so they can tell you what’s best for them. Not only will this keep dust and dirt away from all sides but also improve their durability as well! Contact us today at +6567491950 or visit our website for assistance.

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