Choosing Between Carpet and Hardflooring

Torn between choosing carpet and hardfloor for your office or home renovation? Both carpet and hardflooring like wood laminate bring out their own distinct beauty and texture when placed in a room. But decision making cannot be contained just at how they will affect the look of the room, consideration of their maintenance, and costs are equally important.

Luxury Comparison

Carpet undeniably gives off a sense of luxurious feel to the atmosphere, thus we would commonly find lush, thick carpet laid on the floor of a 5 stars hotel, banks, and even offices. Although wood laminate flooring does not give the same luxurious feel like the carpet, its polished wooden pattern and natural colour can create an irreplaceable Zen look and warm feel to the room.


Carpet requires regular maintenance like vacuuming and deep cleaning depend on the amount of traffic on the carpet. Any spillage or staining should be attended to immediately to prevent forming of permanent mark. Without regular and proper maintenance, carpet can become a breeding ground for indoor air pollutants such as dirt particles, dust and micro organism like house dust mite, mold and fungi. Different types of carpet material may absorb dirt faster than another thus affect the frequency of cleaning requirement. Damp carpet especially after shampooing tends to give off bad odour if it is not dried thoroughly.

Hard floors are no doubt simpler to upkeep because they do not collect dust and dirt particles like carpet. Typical regular maintenance and cleaning would involve daily vacuuming and mopping with recommended cloth material and cleaning agent. Because hard floor does not absorb fluid, the floor can be sanitised and free from bacteria. While cleaning hard floor is less tedious than carpet, wooden floor can get damaged easily if they are not used with proper care. Scratches on wooden floor cannot be removed unless it undergo professional sanding and polish treatment. Wooden floor should also be kept dry at all time as prolonged exposure to liquid may cause the floor laminate to crack or bulge thus causing the floor to become uneven.

Allergy Management

Allergy sufferers who are sensitive to house dust mites are often discouraged to live in carpeted environment. As carpet contains high amount of dust and house dust mites, it has been proven to be a popular breeding ground for these allergens especially if carpet is not vacuumed and cleaned regularly. Thus hard floor has become a better alternative for those who are allergy sufferers.

Cost Management

Cost consideration would include the cost of the carpet or the floor laminate and the installation cost. Different quality of carpet and floor laminate would influence the amount of bill you have to pay. That is the short term consideration.

Next, you would need to consider the maintenance cost, this is the long term cost consideration. As carpet should require professional cleaning every 6 months, regular maintenance cost for carpet is typically higher than hard flooring that require less tedious cleaning. Repairing of hardfloor, however, is not only time consuming, dusty, it can also be costly.

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