Choosing Between Leather and a Fabric Sofa?

We are spoilt for choice in today’s market. Gorgeous looking sofa sets, fresh colors, comfortable cushion padded with down feathers, the choices are limitless! But before that, one would first have to make a choice between leather sofa and fabric sofa!

pillow on sofa

Fabric sofa


  • Feels more comfortable especially in Singapore’s hot weather.
  • Most fabric sofa nowadays have removable covers, which means they are easier to wash and maintain.
  • Less affected by humidity as compared to leather sets.


  • More susceptible to stains as most fabrics absorb stains very well.
  • Because fabric absorbs moisture easily, sweat and dirt might cause the sofa to have smells after a period of time if not properly maintained.
  • Certain types of fabric will start fraying (i.e. become “hairy”) after some time due to usage and the weave of the fabric.


  • Many different types of cleaning methods available which are tried and tested, all with their own advantages and disadvantages
  • The more popular methods are steam cleaning, wet shampooing, and recently, encapsulation dry foam cleaning
  • Some sofa sets are treated with a layer of protection that prevents spills from seeping into the fabric easily.

Leather Sofa


  • The color of the sofa maintains its consistency better than fabric sofa, which is prone to dis-colorization.
  • Most leather, especially the high quality ones, are great against spillages as leather is not as absorbent as fabric.
  • Leather maintenance can be easier than fabric maintenance if done using the right products.


  • The leather will show signs of cracking if exposed to too much sun or after a period of usage.
  • The 4 enemies of leather are ink, lipstick, hair dye, and nail polish. Till date, there are no products to totally remove those stains (fresh stains might stand a higher chance).
  • Not as comfortable as fabric especially in Singapore’s hot weather.


  • Cleaning methods are limited compared to fabric sofas due to the nature of leather
  • Safest cleaning method for leather sets is to do it manually.
  • It is very important to moisture the leather once in a while to keep it healthy

Need Sofa Cleaning?

De Hygienique’s sofa cleaning service cleans your sofa using dry shampoo that contains minimal fluid and contains no harmful chemical.

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