Clean and Prepare Your Home for New Year

The year is coming to an end. It’s time to clean up and prepare your home for the new year.

Room with Christmas decorations

How to begin? What do you need to clean?

Here are top 5 recommendations to get your holiday cleaning started.


1. Start with surfaces

Exposed surfaces collect a lot of dust and dirt. Get a pail of clean water and cloth to wipe your shelves, tables, chairs, light, kitchen countertop etc.

2. Professionally clean your upholstered furniture

Soft furnishing like sofa, curtains, rugs and mattresses collect dust, dirt and microorganisms like dust mites and mold. To safely clean and refresh this pricey furniture, let the professionals do the job.

3. Time to declutter

Marie Kondo your cabinets of clothes, books, cutleries, and the storeroom. You’ll be surprised how much space you can get after you clear the unnecessary stash to keep your Christmas presents.

4. Degrease the kitchen

If you cook, it’s time to wipe and degrease your stove and oven so you can start your festive cooking in a clean kitchen. A happy chef will whip up a delicious meal.

5. Deep clean bathroom and toilet

Yes, your toilet and bathroom need to be deep cleaned as mold tend to grow in dark and moist places. You may contact your regular home cleaner for a thorough cleaning of your home.

Voila! Your home is now ready to welcome your guests for festive parties and gathering. Have a blessed holiday, everyone!

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