Cleaning Tips: Keeping Allergies at Bay

If you’re a sufferer of allergies, you know how annoying cleaning can get – especially since dust is a potent trigger that leads to sneezing and even asthma. Fret not, though, as all hope is not lost. Today’s read will bring to you some of the best methods that have been proven to be great at managing allergies. You can now look forward to having a peace of mind on your next cleaning session!

Wearing A Mask

woman holding a medical mask

Prior to cleaning up your home, it’s essential to understand why and how allergies occur. Most commonly, dust mites found in dust particles are the main culprits of your allergies. What’s worse is that dust mites are too small to be seen with the naked eye, making them silent killers – and if you’re familiar with the effects that dust has on you, then you know exactly why they’re termed ‘killers!’

You can’t fight what you can’t see, but that doesn’t mean you’re defenceless. A simple way to prevent dust from entering your airways is to put on a mask. With the way things are due to COVID-19, putting on a mask shouldn’t be uncomfortable nor foreign – hopefully!

Clean Regularly

man vacuuming carpet

The best way to keep dust far away, is to prevent it from forming in the first place! Cleaning regularly is a sure-fire way to keep your allergies at bay, ensuring that dust doesn’t collect and take form. However, you might be wondering: “How regular is regular?”

As a general rule of thumb, it’s a good practice to clean your home weekly. The best ally against your allergy is your vacuum cleaner, and nothing is more effective than vacuuming your rooms at least once a week. By vacuuming your homes on a weekly basis, you are leaving no room for dust and dirt to pile up in the corners, and under the beds, which are frequent causes of allergies.

To add on, your relationship with your nose will only be strained further when you use heavy-scented cleaning products, bringing us to our next point.

Use Fragrance-free Cleaning Products

Contrary to popular belief, a nice fragrance does not equate to a cleaner home. In fact, some cleaning products actually contain irritants that can worsen your allergies. Instead of going for the strongest-scented products, you really should be looking for products with the least chemicals possible.

As its name suggests, a fragrance-free product is usually unscented and made from organic materials. Avoid products that include formaldehyde and ammonia as these chemicals have been proven to be irritants.

eco friendly cleaning brushes with vinegar lemon

As an alternative, try to invest in natural cleaning products such as baking soda and distilled white vinegar. These natural products are safe to use on items such as rugs and carpets, so that’s always a plus! On that note, always make sure that you dry your rugs and carpets completely after cleaning them, as leftover moisture induces the growth of mould and mildew, as well as dust mites!

If you believe the allergies are too much to handle, why don’t you leave the dirty work to the professionals? Give us a call today!

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