Cleaning Tips to Get Rid of Pet Odour at Home

Many of us, pets are almost like another child of our own. They make us smile, their loyalty warm our heart, and their cute acts often wash away any unhappiness that has bogged us down. We are so attached to them that we sleep with them on the mattress, they snuggle with us on the couch while we watch TV and they join us for long car rides.

While they are soft and fluffy to cuddle, cute to play with, it is an undeniable fact they leave behind strong smell which may not be welcomed by our guests.

Below are some possible tips that can help you manage those unpleasant odour:

1. Vacuum regularly

Our pets drop fur and dander everywhere. It is important to vacuum every corner of our home thoroughly. Soft furnishing, carpet, mattresses, where your pet/s go to should be vacuumed. Prolonged exposure to their dander and fur may cause respiratory illness especially when your health’s immunity is poor.

2. Wash linens regularly

If you have removable sofa covers, take them to wash regularly together with your bed linens. Do not expose them to direct sunlight when you take them out to dry or you may cause the fabric colour to fade. When washing, consider adding ¼ cup of vinegar to neutralise their smell. If you prefer stronger products, you may find some from pet shops that can help with removing smell. Caution: those products sold in the market do not guarantee they can remove all odour.

3. Deodorising bulky furniture

Baking powder is by far the safest product we can rely on because they have been proven to be able to absorb smell and more importantly, they are not harmful to our health.

Generously sprinkle baking soda onto your carpet, rug, sofa, mattresses, and other soft furnishing. Spread the baking soda evenly on the surface and let it sit overnight so it can absorb as much smell as possible. For your mattress, you may wish to do this in the morning after you wake up so you can use the bed at night. Vacuum the surface thoroughly with a clean brush the next day.

4. Engage professional cleaning treatment

At least once a year, or whenever urgent need arise like pet urine or vomit spillage occurs, professional cleaning treatment should be engaged to thoroughly clean and sanitise your soft furnishings. Your pets do carry some bacteria on their bodies and saliva. Engaging professional cleaning treatment helps to improve your home’s indoor hygiene.

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