Common Mistakes Made During Vacuum Cleaning

“Too much vacuuming will damage your floor”.

This is one of the worst common myth and misconception many people have shared with us about vacuuming. The truth is, vacuuming will not damage your floor even if you do it every day. Most often than not, it is the user that cause damage to the floor – NOT the cleaning machine.

Below are 3 common vacuuming mistakes which we have observed:

1. Insufficient Carpet Vacuuming

Especially for commercial carpet that would have higher traffic than residential, vacuuming should be done daily for high traffic portions and at least twice a week for light to moderate areas. However, many people find that there are more important agenda on their schedule compared to maintaining the carpet.

Accumulated dirt and dust particles can cut and damage the carpet fibre especially at the base thus making your carpeted floor more fragile and need replacement or repair sooner than it should. Regular vacuuming effectively remove embedded dirt particles and airborne allergens like dust mites.

2. Wrong Vacuuming Technique

Many of us are guilty of not shifting around bulky furniture or items that are on the floor when we vacuum. Out of convenience, we tend to run our machine over the area that is clear from any hindrance, forgetting the heap of dust that has accumulated below or around the items that have been placed on the floor for some time.

When seeing loose objects on the floor, regardless of size, most of us would attempt to run the vacuum cleaner over them hoping they can be picked up by the system. This shortcut is a convenience to us but it cause damage to the vacuum cleaner and the floor. There are instances where hard floor and carpet were scratched by sharp items that were stuck in between the brush.

Adjusting of the beater is often overlooked by home users when vacuuming their rugs. As rug fibre is more fragile than commercial carpet, the beater should be adjusted to the highest height to prevent abrasion. Avoid vacuuming the edge of the rug if there are tassels at the end of your rug to prevent them from being torn by the vacuum machine.

3. Poor Maintenance of Cleaning Machine

The filter in your vacuum system would require regular maintenance. Bags and/or the filter require change depend on the usage and durability. If you find the suction has weakened, it might be a signal telling you it is time for filter or bag replacement. As a rule of the thumb, filters should be changed once every three months while the bag should be replaced when it is three quarter full.


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