Common Sofa Cleaning Mistakes

Maintaining a sofa set is typically straight forward and relatively safe if you follow the manufacturer’s instruction. But more often than not, users tend to forget the recommended guidelines and commit irreversible mistakes that cause permanent damage to the upholstery. To make condition worse, wrong stain removal techniques have also resulted in creating more damage instead of cleaning the sofa set.

Below are some common mistakes we have learnt from our customers and experience:

1. Not applying guidelines given by manufacturer

If you have bought your sofa set from a reputable retailer, then the sales attendant should be able to advise you what are the maintenance guidelines which you should keep and remember. These guidelines are drafted to assist owners how to maintain the sofa set appropriately and avoid unnecessary damage.

 2. Using wrong cleaning products to clean your sofa

If you need to remove stains on your sofa or prefer to purchase a DIY cleaning kit to clean your sofa yourself, then you should contact the furniture retailer or manufacturer for cleaning product recommendation.

Using wrong cleaning products and tools can be a grave mistake and cause irreversible damage to your sofa. Available types of material used to make sofa set has increased a lot over the past decades. The quality of fibre, leather, dyes and finishes used in the material will therefore require certain mix of cleaning solution. Do not be fooled by DIY shop attendant when he/she tells you that the upholstery cleaning solution sold on their shelves are for universal use.

3. Practicing wrong cleaning technique

We have our share of seeing many upholstery sets that have big stain – many are permanent by the time we are contacted to assess and asked to remove them. Upon deeper probe, we found these stains were originally smaller and could have been lighten if they have been treated using appropriate stain removal technique and has not been adulterated by wrong stain removal products. Some stain removal products contain chemicals that can the stain to become ingrained into the fabric.

4. Engaging wrong sofa cleaning service provider

Similarly like buying cleaning products, you should enquire with your retailer for a preferred sofa cleaning company. You may also need to find out the cleaning method that will be used by the particular cleaning service provider as each cleaning company uses different cleaning technique and technology. More furniture retailers are leaning towards low moisture cleaning instead of conventional wet cleaning methods. Professionalism and reputation of the cleaning service provider is also an important consideration.

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