Details to Note Before Cleaning Your Carpet or Rugs

There are moments in our lives where we are bombarded with questions that we cannot answer, leaving us dumbfounded and in certain cases, an awkward silence. One instance may be over the phone with a professional cleaner who asks you important questions about your carpet, or rug, and as your friendly professionals, we’re here to help you avoid those awkward calls by providing the important details you should note the next time you hit your cleaners up.

What I need to tell my Carpet Cleaners

Size of Rug

To give you the most accurate quotations, we have to know what we’re dealing with, and the size of your carpets is definitely one of them.

It may not be common knowledge in the household to know the exact dimensions of your carpets, but you should definitely get them measured for a smoother arrangement with the cleaners. If you don’t happen to have a measuring tape lying around, don’t worry, there are other ways you can use to get an estimated size of the carpets.

For example, an average two-seater sofa spans no longer than 6 feet in length, so if your carpet more or less fits when compared side-to-side, the carpet is more than likely measuring 4 by 6 ft. Likewise, a three-seater sofa is roughly 8 feet long, and if your carpet measures just slightly longer, it’s probably a 6 by 9 ft carpet.

Material of Rug

There are a ton of carpets out there, constructed with many different types of fabrics. By understanding what the material your carpet or rug is made of, your cleaning company can better tailor their cleaning solution and method to clean and maintain your carpet without corroding or damaging it.

If you are unsure about what material your rug is made out of, you can take a look at the bottom of the rug, and there should always be a label stitched around the corners that states the preferred cleaning method along with its fabric compositions.

Dirty food stain on white cotton towel or carpet.
Dirty food stain on white cotton towel or carpet. Close up photo.

Condition of Rug

Finally, the condition of your carpet is also an important factor for our knowledge. This is exceptionally important for carpets that may have signs of wear or tear, for the cleaners’ reference.

You may determine your rug’s condition by identifying these issues:


A common sight to see on older carpets, tears may be evident in patches along the edges and bottom.

Liquid Damage

Discolouration on your carpet are signs that your carpet has come across moisture or leakage that resulted in a stain.

Fading or Overcleaning

A faded colour on the fibers of your carpet are likely caused by prolonged periods of sunlight exposure, or simply cleaning too much and vigorously.

Surface Dirt

It’s common to see dirt and dust on the surface of your carpets.

Did you manage to take these down on your notepad? Whenever you’re ready, feel free to reach out to us now!

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