DIY Cleaning Your Leather Furniture

As we rest on our leather sofas or chairs, we’re usually reminded of how comfortable and luxurious it feels as we relax and wind down. The initial investment on our furniture goes further than its long-lasting capabilities, with an added bonus for the clean-freaks. More than its durability, leather furniture is also easier to clean and maintain compared to other fabrics in the market.

Couch in living roomEven with their superb qualities and aesthetics, leather couches do not come with self-cleaning capabilities. This means that you do still have to take some time out of your schedule to give it a clean every so often – but fret not! To take some weight off your shoulders, the professionals at De Hygienique have formulated these easy homemade cleaning solutions to keep your leather furniture fresh.

Vacuum Thoroughly

On the days where you just wish to keep things neat and tidy, this solution is perfect being just what you need. The best part? All you’d need is a feather duster and preferably a vacuum cleaner.

Vacuuming your leather furniture regularly and thoroughly does wonders in maintaining that pristine quality of your leather. By keeping dust, dirt, and abrasive particles off the surface of your leathers, you get to maximize the lifespan of your leather furniture!

Wiping Down with A Damp Cloth

Your leather furniture should be as clean as it can be after a few rounds of vacuuming. However, if you’re looking to take things up a notch, or if you’re simply just a clean freak, this one’s for you. All you’d need is a clean damp cloth!

Start off by wiping down your leather furniture thoroughly with an adequately damp cloth. Take note to emphasize on areas where the head, hands, and feet come in contact. This is because the grease from our bodies can trap dirt and cause discoloration over time. Avoid using cleansers unless it’s certified to be safe for use by the manufacturer! On that note, wiping using a clean and damp cloth is still the safest option.

Keep Liquids Away from Specific Leathers

Before cleaning your leather furniture, it’s essential to identify the type of leather you’re working with. Some leathers are extremely sensitive to liquids. For instance, nubuck leather darkens if it gets wet, and other leathers such as suede can be permanently damaged from even minor splashes of water! In this case, it’s best to just do a simple wipe down on your leather furniture with a clean and dry cloth, after vacuuming.

Due to the nature of leather, detergent and other substances should be avoided during cleaning, as depending on your type of leather, discoloration may occur. Fortunately, water can be used to clean most leathers, apart from the ones mentioned above, such as nubuck and suede. To be on the safe side, do conduct some research on your own before you start cleaning your leathers with water!

Seek Professional Cleaning Service

Man wiping leather sofa with a cloth

Nothing beats a thorough cleaning and moisturising treatment by a professional leather sofa cleaning service provider. They are equipped with required tools and cleaning products to give your leather upholstery the cleaning treatment it deserves.

For more leather sofa and upholstery cleaning service information, contact De Hygienique Customer Service today.

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