Everything you need to know about carpet cleaning


Why do carpets need to be cleaned?

If it’s been weeks, months, or even years since the last time you gave your carpet a thorough clean, chances are there is an unbelievable amount of dirt, dust, and other microorganisms accumulated in it, causing the air in your offices and homes to be impure.

Health Risks of Dirty Carpets


Why should carpets be professionally cleaned?

Giving your carpets a professional clean at least twice a year also grants you the added benefit of prolonging the life of your carpet, making your investments worthwhile.

While regular vacuuming may be sufficient to keep the surface of your carpet clean, there are many more benefits you and everyone under the roof can reap from a professionally treated carpet, that goes beyond just a fresher look.


Benefits of a Professional Clean


Carpet Cleaning Methods

Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods (Real Life Example)


The cleaning methodology that works wonders.
Our preferred method of cleaning is the Dry Carpet Cleaning method.

Providing the best of both worlds between convenience and promising results, we have relied on our Dry Carpet Cleaning equipment and technology to always deliver results that are nothing less than satisfactory.


(Before/After Carpet Cleaning Video)

While our weapon of choice is Dry Carpet Cleaning, there are also a couple more methods the professionals use in the market today.


Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Known as ‘Steam Carpet Cleaning’, it emphasises on the use of high-pressure hot water to allow for dirt to be efficiently dissolved.

Carpet Shampooing

Similar to how our hair may feel uncomfortable and sticky without a proper wash after shampooing, carpets are no different.


Professionals believe this to be a ‘level-up’ to the Carpet Shampooing method, as it performs similarly while using lesser water. In fact, Encapsulation carpet cleaning uses 80% less liquid than conventional carpet shampoo.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet Cleaning for carpets yields great results with a heavy-duty motorised machine that effectively absorbs dirt from the carpet. It’s convenience brought about high demand in high foot-traffic areas such as hotels and restaurants.


Different Cleaning Methods for Different Carpet Sizes

There are many solutions on how to clean carpets yourself. But DIY methods using home remedies often involve investing a lot more time, while results often vary; with some cases even making the carpet smell worse after cleaning.

While you can attempt to wash smaller ones on your own, bigger carpets and carpeted floors, such as those in the office, would often be better off with professional carpet cleaners.


Why Choose De Hygienique

Convenience & Value

Conventional methods of carpet cleaning typically involve buckets of water, loud vacuums, vigorous brushing and worst of all, many hours spent drying a cordoned-off section of working spaces, for offices, And inconvenience at homes.

At De Hygienique, we believe that your carpets need not interfere with neither your business operations nor day-to-day lifestyle, which is why we operate with a state-of-the-art dry carpet cleaning technology that brings you effective results delivered in little to no downtime.

Benefits of De Hygieinque’s Carpet Cleaning Service:

  • Loosen and removes dirt with counter rotating brushes
  • Natural compounds applied to absorb dirt and stains
  • Soiled compounds collected and removed from your carpet
  • Sanitized with the internationally patented Potema® Sanitizing Spray

Why Choose Dry Carpet Cleaning?

100% Dry, Chemical Safe, Kills Dust Mites & Micro-Organisms

We offer carpet cleaning services even for delicate Oriental, Persian, and Iranian rugs, for both Residential & Commercial spaces.

Determining carpet sizes

While it’s perfectly natural to shop for carpets based on how beautiful it compliments our dining area or bedrooms, there are certain ‘guidelines’ that you should consider abiding by, just to be on the safe side.

These are the recommended carpet size according to the size of your rooms:

Carpet – Room
3’x 5′ – 5′ x 7′
5′ x 8′ – 7′ x 10′
8′ x 10′ – 10′ x 12′
9′ x 12′ – 11′ x 14′
12′ x 15′ – 14′ x 17′

If you’re unsure about the sizes of your carpet, fret not as there are many ways to get the answer.

Using a measuring tape, simply measure your carpet by its length, then breadth in feet. If you don’t have a measuring tape lying around for a precise measurement, you may use an average two-seater sofa, which spans no longer than 6 feet in length. So if your carpet more or less fits when compared side-by-side, that carpet is more than likely measuring 4 by 6 ft.

Likewise, a three-seater sofa is roughly 8 feet long, and if your carpet measures just slightly longer, it’s probably a 6 by 9 ft carpet.

How to Measure Carpets?[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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