Everything You Need to know About Carpet Grass Maintenance

Carpets are something we are all familiar with. It’s a staple of any typical dream home and a common sight in every living room. It comes in various types: Shaggy carpets, polyester carpets, or even plush carpets. But for those who find comfort in nature however, they may find their homes decorated with more greeneries, and that includes their choice of rug.

plastic grass, artificial turf sports grounds
Credit: Freepik – Plastic grass, artificial turf for sports grounds close up.

Grass Carpets

Yes you heard that right, these are carpet rugs, with actual grass-like leaves on the surface. That said, these artificial leaves that most definitely ‘greenifies’ your environment should be treated just like any other carpets. That suggests regular maintenance and cleaning of your grass carpets, and here is where we share how!

Caring for Grass Carpets

1. Vacuum regularly

If you own carpets at home, or at the office, the vacuum is your best friend. Even for the uncommon carpets such as grass carpets, you should still make an effort to consistently vacuum it at least once a week to remove dust and dirt that is easily collected within the fibers, or leaves.

2. Tend to spillages immediately

Maintaining carpet grass gets a whole lot easier if you handle spills quickly. We don’t want it to happen, but they do occur from time to time, so it’s always wise to place a box of tissue at every corner should the time call for it.

Place the tissue/wipe over the spill to let it soak up as much liquids as it could. Avoid scrubbing or rubbing as it might just cause the stain to extend, and instead worsen the situation.

3. Appropriate cleaning solutions

Your choice of cleaning solution may have adverse effects on the fibers of the carpets. Avoid using harsh chemicals as they are likely to damage the carpet fibers. If you wish to clean the carpet yourself, you may check with your carpet seller what product you may use to safely clean the grass carpet.

4. Thoroughly rinse your carpet

While cleaning the carpet, you should properly rinse it to completely wash out the cleaning solution. There shouldn’t be any detergent solutions remaining in the carpet for effective carpet grass maintenance. Use the carpet again only after it is completely dried.

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