Everything You Need to Know About Carpet Underlay (2021)

A largely overlooked aspect about carpeting, underlays for our carpet are actually some of the biggest assets that increase the overall quality, and lifespan of our carpets.

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What are they for

No doubt, carpet underlays are more likely an extra expenditure when going about our carpet shopping. However, depending on how their purpose may serve your needs, you may just find it a necessary accessory to the new floor decors at home.


With an extra layer of cushion under your carpets, you may find the ground that much more therapeutic and easy on the feet when walking to and fro.

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Protects the floor

As the anti-slip features of carpets can be rough on the surface of our floors, having an underlay prevents the ground from suffering any scratches or defects.

On top of that, an underlay also doubles as a shock absorber, protecting our floor from all the daily stomping of our feet.

Protects your carpet

While an underlay protects your flooring, it also benefits your carpet by improving its wear, all while looking more soft and luxurious,

Easier Carpet Maintenance

With an added layer of protection at the bottom, your carpet piles are protected which means it’s easier to clean and remove dust.

Noise Reduction

For the great neighbours out there, this is a big one. With carpet underlays, you’re reducing the impact of noise from the footsteps of either yourselves, by soundproofing it.

Preferred types of Carpet Underlay

There are 3 main types of underlay that vary differently in the purpose they serve. It’s important to know what they can provide for you before hitting the checkout button; if you’re shopping online for one right now.

Polyurethane (PU) Foam

A popular choice for a softer, more comfortable feel for our foot, it’s excellent as a soft underfoot and thermal insulator.

Due to its soft nature, however, it will flatten over time and may need more frequent replacements.


A less soft, but good enough substitute to the PU foam, sponge rubber also provides strong soundproofing and protection for your carpet.

However, an inexpensive choice may bring an easily flattened one, that may also disintegrate over time.


A premium choice rich in wool felt is firm and recovers quickly from furniture marks.

Due to the highly firm nature, however, it does not have the greatest underfoot.

Should I get carpet underlays?

We know that they aren’t necessary, but the short answer would still be yes.

With the umpteen of added benefits it provides, together with the fact that the longevity of your carpet is granted, there aren’t many reasons to NOT own an underlay, especially if you have already invested in a great carpet.

The only downside however, is a rather frequent expense of having to change your underlay every once in a while after it has worned out. However, that still beats having to replace your carpets every other month, doesn’t it?

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