Fighting COVID-19 Together

Together We Can Beat COVID-19

De Hygienique has and will always place the utmost importance on the safety and health of everyone around us.

We will continue to do our part in preventing the spread of Covid-19 in our community. Our operation and office teams are monitored closely and will not be sent out for appointments should they show signs of being unwell.

To our esteemed customers who have booked an appointment with us, do let us know if anyone in the household:

1) Feeling unwell before your appointment.
2) Has just completed an SHN period.
3) Has a recent (last 2 months) travel history out and into Singapore.
4) Has been in contact with someone who is under SHN/ confirmed Covid-19 patient/ quarantined.

We believe together we can fight Covid-19. Thank you for your kind support.

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