Getting Ready for Hari Raya: Spring Cleaning

Hari Raya is nearing and as our Muslim friends all over the world have started to prepare for the big celebration of Hari Raya by shopping for new clothes and planning for their family feast, we also understand the inevitable fuss of having to thoroughly clean and decorate their homes.

Thankfully, cleaning is exactly what we specialise in, and if it’s a pain, you’ve found the right page for help.

Hari Raya Spring Cleaning

The Essentials of Spring Cleaning

Of course, there are the usual sweeping and mopping of floors, but besides the obvious, we’re here to remind you of the little areas you might have left out when planning for the spring cleaning session with your family as they get ready for arriving guests!

Peeling Wall Paints

It happens to just about anyone who has ever gotten a paint job, and it’s surely not a fancy sight, especially when expecting guests. So if you noticed any flaky paints on your walls, let’s get some brushes and start painting.

Dusty Carpets and Rugs

No one likes the sight of dust or hair strands, let alone stepping all over them. Even if you’re not expecting guests, this Ramadan, let’s stop procrastinating and get to cleaning. Furthermore, dusty carpets and rugs may also be a cause of allergies, so let’s get that out of the way for you and your loved ones, shall we?

To ensure your carpet is thoroughly cleaned, contact a reputable professional carpet cleaning service provider and give your carpet a deep cleaning treatment.

sofa in a living room

Furniture & Upholstery

Despite regular vacuuming of your sofas or beds, it is probably not enough to give it an effective deep clean. Now, we’re not expecting you to get a whole new set of furniture. However, we are suggesting you give your upholstery a good wash or engage professional upholstery cleaning service providers to ensure thorough cleaning.


Sure your guests or even family members may not be using your beds, or even seeing them. However, it’s no excuse to let your mattresses collect dust and dirt particles. During this special day of the year, let’s set things right starting with the beds that we wake up on in the morning, and lay to rest at night. Get a professional mattress cleaner to deep clean your bedding, change to a fresh set of sheets and blankets. You’ll surely enjoy better sleep after this thorough cleaning.

messy bed & pillows
Image: Freepik

The help you need

Despite the festive mood all around, it’s understandable that not every household will have the time or energy to get their homes cleaned without any help, so let us do your work!

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