How Long a Carpet takes to Dry After a Professional Clean in Singapore?

Unlike our dirty laundry, it’s practically impossible to drag our carpets into the drying machines to have them ready quickly. It is even more impractical for office carpets, but this does not mean you have to patiently wait for hours before stepping foot on your freshly cleaned carpets.

using machine to clean carpet

As the topic of carpet dry time is brought up, it then raises another question, that is:

When exactly is the carpet ready after a professional clean?

The brutal truth is that it really depends. Depending on the method of cleaning used by your service provider, the dry time will vary accordingly. For example, steam cleaning, despite its name, is a process that actually uses high-pressure hot water vapor, often resulting in a carpet that can still be too damp for visitors or employees to step on immediately after a deep clean.

steam cleaning

Examples aside, the more common (and safer) methods of cleaning that are vouched by the professionals, would be Shampooing, and Water Extraction. These processes involve a large usage of water and often leave the carpet rather wet.

To get an in-depth understanding of what these methods entail, click here!

That said, we do make it a habit to always advise the management to leave the air conditioner on, and doors open for the following 4 – 6 hours for a quicker drying process. So the next time you feel your carpet is still wet after an hour or two, and wonder: “Why is the carpet not drying after cleaning,” remember that it does take quite some time for your carpet to dry and feel fresh again!

Drying your carpet faster

It’s understandable that having a large space cordoned off for the carpet to dry itself is an inconvenience caused, especially where heavy foot traffic is expected. While you patiently wait for your carpet to dry itself, you may also attempt these to shorten the drying process!

  • Opening all windows and doors: Good air ventilation is key when it comes to an efficient drying process for wet carpets. If the windows and doors are not already open, it should be to have a dry carpet sooner!
  • Utilise the blow-dryer: If your cleaners didn’t already offer, perhaps it’s a good time to whip out that ground blower lying somewhere in the storeroom.
  • Use the fans: If space allows for it, try gathering a ‘force’ of standing fans to blow air and improve air circulation for a quicker carpet drying process!

However, if you do feel the need to have a dry carpet as soon as possible, you may opt to professionally clean your carpet using a low moisture carpet cleaning method instead. This carpet cleaning method uses 98% less water than conventional wet carpet cleaning because of the advanced cleaning technology.

While we are on the topic of carpet cleaning when’s the last time you’ve gotten a proper clean for yours? If it has been some time, perhaps we can be of help to you. Reach out to us today!

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