How to Care Different Carpet Types

Common Types of Carpet Fabrics & How to Care for Them

As with shirts and pants, the fabrics of our carpets differ quite a bit, and their differences can easily be recognised just by touching them.

The importance of understanding your fabric goes beyond the luxury of knowing your 100% woolen carpet is in fact a lavish decor that you can flaunt to all of your friends and visitors — though that might come in handy. But it is more important to understand what your carpet is made of so that you know how to take proper care of it, in accordance to its fabric.

Carpets can be incredibly expensive investments in the average household. It’s then almost a necessity to know how you can keep it in its best shape to prolong its lifetime and maximise its value.

Wool carpet in office

While we may not cover every fabric ever made in the history of carpeting, it will definitely serve as great guides to care for most common types of carpet fabrics found in the market today.

1. Wool

A premium top-of-the-line fabric, woolen carpets are the most durable and stain-resistant choices of fabric for your home decor. Due to its naturally fortunate trait of being stain-resistant, most don’t have to experience the stress of clearing stains from spilled beverages or foods.

Caring for woolen carpets will stay uncomplicated so long as you regularly vacuum them to prevent the accumulation of soil and dirt.

Nylon Carpet2. Nylon

Perhaps the most popular choice of fabric for carpets, nylon’s key strength lies in its durability and resistance to wear. However, it’s not as much of a fighter against stains. It’s advisable to also vacuum regularly to keep dust and dirt away, and instill a no-food-and-beverage zone where your carpet rests.

Caring for nylon carpets may be tricky if stains get into the picture, so be sure to clear up and spillage as quickly as possible if it does occur. It is also wise to give your carpets a professional carpet cleaning service every year or two to prolong their lifespan.

Olefin / Polypropylene Carpet3. Olefin / Polypropylene

Olefin carpets are far less expensive than the others mentioned due to their poorer lifespan and resistance against soiling. However, the fabric does shine with good resistance against stains, moisture, and mold. As such, Olefin makes for great outdoor or basement carpets.

Caring for olefin can be as simple as keeping it away from places that are susceptible to be soiled. This means keeping them away from areas that may result in oil-based spillages such as the kitchen or dining room.

living room with sofa & carpet

If it has been more than two years since the last time you gave your carpets a proper wash, perhaps it’s time to contact the professionals!

The importance of cleaning your carpets goes beyond maximising your investments or as simple as keeping them clean.

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