How to Care For Leather Furniture

Leather is one of the more durable and low maintenance surfaces for home furnishing. It also gives a touch of class and warmth to our homes. Good leather furniture is not cheap, however, with proper maintenance and care, you will be able to get many years out of the beautiful pieces of furniture that you have invested in.

Keeping your leather sofa, chair or ottoman clean is relatively simple if you follow the proper steps. The first step before the actual cleaning is to identify the type of leather you have.

Types of leather

  1. Unprotected leather, also known as Aniline leather or unfinished leather has a soft luxurious feel. It has little to no protective coating which makes it more susceptible to stains and scratches. Natural surface grains may be seen on the leather.
  2. Protected leather, also known as finished leather is typically used for most leather furniture. It is more durable and stain resistant due to the protective pigment coating. They have a stiffer feel and stand up to more wear and tear.

Caring for your leather furniture

  1. Remove dirt by regularly vacuuming the piece of furniture with a brush attachment.
  2. Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe the furniture from top to bottom
  3. Dry with a clean towel

Spills and stains

Leather is sensitive to spills, hence they should be removed as soon as possible. The spilled substance should be quickly blotted with a clean, dry towel. If a stain has formed and is difficult to remove, consult a leather cleaning professional.


Besides cleaning, leather also requires regular conditioning and moisturizing to prevent them from cracking over time. To keep your leather soft and supple, you can apply a leather conditioner.

Deep cleaning

Once a year, your leather furnishing should go through a deep cleanse to maintain the condition of your furniture.

For a hassle and risk-free cleaning experience, De Hygienique is among the few professional leather cleaning treatment providers in Singapore. Our leather cleaning shampoo and moisturizer is specially formulated in the USA and have produced great cleaning results without damaging the leather. Our cleaning specialists are also trained to clean and moisturize leather upholsteries of different conditions and materials.

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