How To Choose The Right Mattress

The market is now filled with numerous brands of mattresses that offer mattress made of different types of material, designs, sizes and price range. No wonder buyers would need to spend much time researching into which mattress to buy.

Below is a guide for mattress hunters:

1. Mattress Types

There are many types of mattress sold in the market. Among the popular ones are:

  • Innerspring mattresses – made of steel coils that act as the core support system and comfortable fabric upholstery to cushion your body from the coils. Mattress quality varies according to the types of coil used to construct the main mattress body, but the coil construction detail will not be discussed here.
  • Memory Foam Mattresses – Such mattress does not need innerspring as a support because of the viscosity and density of the memory foam. Manufacturers have marketed these types of mattresses to produce better sleep quality because the foam can soften to form into shape that contours to the body and helps to reduce disrupted sleep due to tossing and turning.
  • Latex Mattress – This mattress is gaining popularity because latex is made of natural product from the rubber tree sap, it is hypoallergenic and keep body cool when sleeping. Similar to memory foam, latex mattress also respond to body heat and will shape according to body contours. This mattress types have less density range compared to memory foam mattresses.
  • Pillowtop Mattress – this is an add on upholstery layer that looks like a thick layer of comforter attached to the top of the mattress thus creating an extra layer of comfort.

2. Mattress Size

Getting the right mattress size is also an important factor when buying one. Generally the bigger the mattress, the better it is. More space helps to promote better sleep because you reduce the chance of fighting over sleeping space with your partner. Before you decides to get super king sized mattress, you would need to measure the size of your room. You don’t want to end up buying a large mattress and has no more space to put other furniture in. Lastly, the bigger the mattress means costlier mattress.

3. Budget

Lastly, consider how much cash you intend to park on the mattress. Your choice of mattress types and sizes would affect the price tag. Mattresses are supposedly built to last for as long as your lifetime, as promised by mattress warranties. If you have extra cash to invest on good mattress types, you may consider getting the better durable ones. But if you don’t, getting the cheaper ones would still be able to serve its primary purpose.

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