How to Clean Fabric Sofa in Singapore 2024

Fabric sofas are very comfortable and perfect for Singapore’s warm climate. Fabric sofas also come in many colours, designs, shapes and sizes – you will be spoilt for choices when choosing for a set.

While durable fabric sofas are comfortable and beautiful, some regular housekeeping practices are necessary to ensure your sofa sets can last and worth the money you have paid for.

1. Vacuuming

Fabric sofas tend to trap lots of dust and dirt particles. Weekly vacuuming using an upholstery hose attachment helps to improve indoor air quality and prevent prolong accumulation of dirt particles in your couch. Too much accumulated dust in your fabric sofa will cause the fabric colour to look dull.

2. Read Manufacturer’s Cleaning Instructions:

Before attempting any DIY stain removal on your fabric sofa, always check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to prevent voiding warranties or damaging your couch. If you can’t find the manufacturer’s cleaning manual, look for a tag on your sofa set that gives you information how to clean the fabric, e.g. whether you can use water to clean the fabric. If you can’t find the tag, call the shop where you bought your sofa set from and ask for recommendation.

3. Stain Removal

Immediately attend to any spillage on the fabric sofa. The longer the spillage remains in the fabric, the more stubborn the stain will be. Place a clean, light colour micro fibre fabric over the spillage and apply pressure to absorb the liquid from the sofa. Do not rub or scrub as you may spread the stains or damage the fabric.

If cleaning instruction permits usage of water to clean your fabric sofa, lightly spray diluted dish washing solution over the stain. Use a clean, light colour micro fibre fabric to gently blot the stained areas. Keep repeating this blotting step till stains are removed. To end, use a clean, damp, light colour micro fibre cloth to blot the cleaned area, to remove the detergent residue. Let the damp area to dry completely before letting your guests to sit on it.

4. Professional Cleaning

Engage regular professional sofa cleaning service helps to ensure your fabric sofa is thoroughly cleaned. Professional sofa cleaners have the appropriate cleaning equipments, products, and skills to ensure your sofa sets are safely cleaned.

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