How to Clean Your Leather Sofa to Make It Shine Again

It could be the insatiable greed of a human’s nature for shiny and lustrous things, or it could just be a personal preference to some — but you’ve got to admit that just like a diamond, a well-polished leather sofa is the stuff of dreams for many of us.

The allure of a glazed and glossy leather sofa doesn’t always come easily. In fact, a leather sofa often loses its shine over time. However, with some basic care and regular maintenance, you’ll enjoy a leather sofa that’s irresistibly shiny, so long as you don’t get lazy!

Apart from the regular vacuuming and wiping down of your leather upholstery, there are specific methods to ensure that your sofa retains its shine for years to come. Here are some ways on how to clean your leather sofa to make it shine again.


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Applying  Leather Cleaner

Essentially, a leather cleaner serves the purpose of breaking down dirt and stains that help refresh your leather sofa. Some leather cleaners are advertised as 2-in-1 products, whereby they contain both cleaning and conditioning agent in one product, but either way, the steps to using one stays the same.

Firstly, apply the leather cleaner onto a piece of dry microfiber instead of directly onto your leather sofa. What this does is prevent the cleaner from staining your furniture with spray marks.

Next, simply wipe your leather sofa down with the cloth lightly and evenly all around your leather sofa. Ensure that all small crevices of your furniture are covered to prevent any uneven polishing marks.

Finishing Off with A Leather Conditioner

Leather conditioners contain oils designed to make your furniture look fresh, smell great and stay moisturised. Apply the leather conditioner onto a piece of dry microfiber cloth and buff it into your leather sofa in sections. A circular motion is best for ensuring that the conditioner covers the surface of your sofa evenly. 

After buffing in the conditioner, allow your leather sofa to dry for 30 minutes as it absorbs the ingredients found in the products used. After which, the satisfying part begins.

With another clean and dry microfiber cloth, wipe down your leather sofa without the use of any product. This is because the shiny and polished effect of a leather sofa is achieved by buffing it with a cloth after letting it dry, and what you’ll get is a smooth, healthy and gleaming leather sofa that looks brand new.

Annual Professional Cleaning

Difference in appearance of leather sofa before and after professional cleaning
Credit: De Hygienique

Without a doubt, the best way to clean your leather sofa and ensure it stays in pristine condition is to have it professionally cleaned, at least once a year. This significantly reduces the chances of you damaging your precious leather upholstery due to unsuitable cleaning methods, thus keeping your leather sofa in great shape and helping it last for decades.

On that note, De Hygienique provides a specialised leather upholstery cleaning service, designed to produce excellent cleaning results and provide stellar moisturising capabilities, all without damaging your leather sofa.

If you’re in search of a reliable and reputable cleaning specialist to work on your precious leather upholstery, look no further. Engage De Hygienique’s services today.

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