How to disinfect sofa after flu?

It’s that time of year again: flu season. 

After recovering from flu, many people would like to disinfect indoor furnishings like sofas to prevent flu bugs from spreading. In this article, we will guide you on how to disinfect your sofa quickly and easily so that you can rest easy knowing that your sofa is clean and sanitized against harmful bacteria!

Guy sneezing on a sofa

What is disinfecting?

Disinfecting can be seen as the most “heavy-duty” method of cleaning, and actively destroys bacteria and germs through the use of specific chemicals. Instead of removing bacteria on the surface,  disinfection kills viruses and bacteria, lowering the risk of spreading infection between people coming into contact with the same surface. 

steps to disinfect your sofaSteps to disinfect your sofa 

Vacuum your sofa

woman vacuuming sofaEmbedded dirt, food particles, and dust need to be removed as these dirt particles can potentially be a breeding ground for bacteria. The best way is with a HEPA vacuum cleaner to ensure extracted fine dust and dirt stay in the vacuum machine. 

Check sofa tag maintenance requirement

sofa washing symbol meaningCouches are made of different materials, so it’s important to look for the tags. The symbols on these couching pieces show whether you can clean them with water or steam – no harsh chemicals!

The tags on your sofa indicate how you can clean and disinfect it. If the W is present, then water will work for cleaning; with the letters “WS” means that you can use both water and solvent-based cleaners. However, S means that only solvents like lacquer or furniture polish could be used while X indicates no form of moisture should touch these surfaces at all, just vacuum cleaning!

Code tags on your couch can tell you a lot about which disinfection solution you can safely use.

Apply disinfection solution

To kill viruses and bacteria on your couch effectively, use a disinfectant spray that contains at least 90% alcohol content. Alternatively, you may consider disinfectants with low hydrogen peroxide content. Let the disinfection solution stand for 10 minutes before using the disinfected sofa.

Tips for keeping your sofa clean and hygienic

✜ Engage professional sofa cleaning specialists to thoroughly clean the upholstery, especially after recovering from a viral infection.

✜ Use a safe disinfectant solution to kill bacteria and microorganisms on the sofa.

✜ Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and other dirt particles on your sofa regularly.

✜ Avoid eating or drinking on your sofa, and always wipe up any spills immediately.

✜ If you have pets, keep them away from your sofa, and regularly clean up any pet hair or droppings.

After recovering from a viral infection, you may wish to disinfect your sofa more thoroughly with a specially formulated disinfection solution for fabric sofas. Besides the fabric sofa, it is important to disinfect the surfaces in other parts of your home or commercial space for a thorough disinfection process. 

De Hygienique sofa deep cleaning and disinfection services will give you peace of mind by ensuring the job will be completed correctly.

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