How To Remove Stain On Mattress

Do not fret when you stain your mattress. We have listed some possible suggestions that may possibly help you clean those unsightly spillages. Important note to remember, stains should be cleaned as soon as possible. Old stains are more difficult to remove.

To prevent staining of mattress, cover your mattress with a good quality mattress protector should “accident” occurs. Mattress protector should be washed at least once a month to maintain good mattress hygiene.

Below are stain removal techniques which you may consider:

1. Removing fresh stain

Always remove stain immediately after it occurs to increase the chance of removing them totally.  Cover fresh stain with lots of kitchen paper to absorb remaining fluid on the mattress if spillage or accident is a lot.

Make a small pail of foam by mixing a cup of mild detergent like dish washing soap or laundry detergent together with a cup of cool water. Take some of the dry foam, without the soap water, using a clean dry sponge and gently blot the stain on the mattress from the border to the center.

Dry the damp surface with hair dryer and apply baking soda generously to absorb the moisture. Leave it overnight and vacuum the baking powder the next day.

2. Removing Urine On Mattress

Urine on the mattress is very troublesome, but is one of the most common problems faced especially if you have children or pets at home.

Remove excess urine on the mattress immediately after it occurs. Do not let the mattress absorb the fluid. Apply some white vinegar onto a clean towel or sponge and start blotting the stain with some pressure, starting from the border of the stain inward toward the centre. Do not over apply the vinegar otherwise you will risk over wetting the mattress.

Apply baking powder on the damp surface generously to absorb remaining fluid in the mattress. If there is sun shining into your room, try to sun the mattress to quicken the drying process and remove odour from the stain.

Do not be tempted to clean your mattress using high pressured steam or wetting your mattress using upholstery shampoo to clean your mattress, as wetting of mattress may damage the upholstery in the mattress.

3. Removing Blood Stain On Mattress

Blood stain is one of the most difficult stains to remove, especially on the mattress.

Remove any excess blood with fresh kitchen paper. Put layers of fresh kitchen papers on the excess blood on the mattress and apply light pressure using your palm to allow the kitchen towel to absorb the remaining blood. Don’t over press as we don’t want the blood to penetrate into the mattress.

To remove the stain, similarly like urine stain, apply some white vinegar onto a clean white cloth and blot starting from the border of the stain. You may apply some mild detergent onto the stain if stain can’t be removed with vinegar. Use a soft bristle brush and gently scrub the soap from the border of the stain to remove the blood from spreading. You may repeat the above step a few times till the stain is fully removed or lightened.

Do not over apply the detergent as we do not want the mattress to get soaked with fluid.

For more challenging stains like urine and blood, bleach or hydrogen peroxide can be used to increase chance of removing the stains from the mattress. However, these cleaning agents may potentially cause discoloration of fabric.

Blot the damp surface after cleaning using a clean damp cloth to remove the remaining soap on the mattress. Dry the damp area using a hair dryer and spread baking powder on the area generously. Leave the baking powder over night and vacuum them the next morning to absorb remaining fluid in the mattress.

If in doubt, it is highly recommended to contact furniture retailer or professional mattress cleaning company to assist you.

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