Infographic: How to clean a mattress?

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Why do you need regular mattress cleaning?

Whether your mattress is 6 months or 5 years old, regular mattress cleaning is necessary to maintain healthy bedroom and sleeping hygiene.

Most mattresses, except waterbed and PVC covered mattress, are made of fabric upholstery. Mattresses have been found to collect the most amount of dust, house dust mites and human skin flakes compared to other soft furnishing in a home.

Besides triggering dust mites and dust allergy reactions, the accumulated “rubbish”  actually adds additional weight in the mattress. This additional pressure can cause permanent structural damage if not removed regularly.

Suggested Steps to Clean Your Mattress

If you have stained your mattress, always blot the stains with damp cloth as quickly as possible. The longer you delay, the stain will become more challenging to remove. If you can’t successfully remove the stains, call a mattress cleaning specialist for assistance.

The above info graphic contains some recommended mattress cleaning steps which you can do monthly by using your own household cleaning product and equipment. However, just like an air conditioner (AC) needs regular professional servicing, your mattress should be thoroughly cleaned and serviced by a professional mattress cleaning specialist at least once a year.


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