Managing Carpet and Pets

Common challenges faced by carpet owners when have pets in their homes are typically bad odours left by pets’ urine, unsightly stains and airborne pet dander that may trigger allergy. Below are possible suggestions you can look into if you are one of those pet owners who potentially may face carpet maintenance issues.

1. Prevention better than cure

Clean your dogs and cats’ paws before they enter your carpeted home helps to reduce stains caused by dirt from their legs after they return from their walk. Bathing your pets daily helps to reduce odour that emit from their bodies. If your pets have long furs, you should consider brushing their bodies regularly to avoid having clumps of hair all over the floor.

2. Make vacuum regime a priority

Vacuuming of your carpet is imperative; especially more if you have pets in your carpeted home. This is a housekeeping regime that you cannot slack! Daily vacuuming of carpet helps to get rid of dirt and grimes on the surface of the carpet before they get pushed further deep into the carpet base.

Pet dander is light and airborne. Inhaling them may cause allergy reactions to some allergy sufferers. To reduce indoor air pollutants effectively, vacuuming the carpet with good HEPA filter system is strongly recommended by many doctors and carpet manufacturers.

3. Remove urine accidents immediately 

To prevent embarrassment from your guests when they complain about lurking urine smell in the living room, always remove as much of the soiling as possible when it is still fresh, before the fluid is absorbed by carpet fibre.

Use any clean rags or kitchen towel to absorb the excess fluid from the soiling as much as possible. You may wish to use upholstery shampoo or even dishwashing soap to clean the soiled area. Always blot the stains using a clean damp cloth instead of rubbing them as you will cause the stains, and odour, to spread.

After you are satisfied with your spot removal, generously sprinkle baking soda onto the damp area. Baking soda is found to be able to absorb moisture and odour effectively. Leave the baking soda overnight and vacuum them thoroughly the next day. If you still find the unpleasant smell still lingers despite all of the emergency steps you have taken, it is recommended to contact cleaning specialists immediately who can assist you with better solution.

4. Engaging professional cleaning

Engaging regular professional carpet cleaning treatment is important to give your carpet an overhaul cleaning as pets’ odour can be very difficult to remove even if your furry animals do not poo or pee in the house. Their dander and excrement can also be harmful to your health as they contain bacteria and may also cause allergies to those who are sensitive towards them.

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