Mattress Cleaning: Using UVC for Disinfection Against Viruses in Singapore

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Ever wondered how else to disinfect surfaces, e.g. mattress? The common flu, coronaviruses or the recently life-changing COVID-19 may not be visible, but they should be removed from surfaces by disinfecting frequently.

Wait. Doesn’t the heat in Singapore kill viruses?

As a matter of fact, this is somewhat true. It has been reported by the Straits Times that the heat may restrict the spread, especially when it comes to COVID-19, but that is only for the outdoors environment; it does not mean that the virus will not spread. So disinfecting surfaces in Singapore is still important.

Chemical disinfectants such as alcohol and chlorine can be used. But, what about light?

Yes, ultraviolet light (UV) can be used to kill viruses. UV type C – to be precise.

What is UV-C?

There are three known types of UV. UV-A is associated with skin aging, UV-B is associated with skin burning and UV-C kills viruses.

UV-C has been made available through products like UV-C sterilisation lamps, UV-C sterilisation cabinets, UV-C germicidal lamps, UV disinfection robots and more. However, such products should be used in a safe manner, as UV-C can also be harmful to the human body if not used correctly.

Are there any advantages to using UV-C to disinfect mattresses? advantages to using UV-C to disinfect mattresses

UV-C does not just disinfect surfaces, but also the air we breathe by eliminating airborne viruses! So, yes, there are advantages to using UV-C for disinfection in Singapore.

The quality of the air we breathe is an important aspect of health. Sometimes, everyday items can cause pollution of the air. Take the mattresses we sleep in for example.

Dust mites, bacterial and fungal spores also live in mattresses, which contaminates the air we breathe. As such, it is important to ensure your mattresses are cleaned and disinfected safely and regularly, especially with the kind of humidity levels we face in Singapore.

UV-C effectively kills viruses and bacteria on surfaces, according to many reports like the recently published journal by Interclean.

How often should mattresses be cleaned?

Considering the amount of skin, sweat, and oil that your body produces every night while you sleep, mattresses should be cleaned and disinfected every six months.

Are there experts I can call to clean my mattress?

Yes! De Hygienique uses a mattress cleaning and sanitisation apparatus designed and patented in Germany.

During cleaning, clumped up dirt is pulverized into finer particles and extracted into a tightly woven HEPA filter bag. The mattress is then disinfected using an in-built UV-C light designed specifically for mattress disinfection.

This method ensures safe and thorough disinfection of the mattress.

Contact us today to find out more.

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