More soap means better cleaning results?

One common misconception about cleaning is the more soap we use the better the cleaning result we will get. Unfortunately this myth is a wrong understanding about how cleaning agents or detergents work. If you research on this topic or speak to chemists and cleaning experts, you will find out that the molecular component in soap and detergent attracts itself to dirt and grease until some movement or agitation together with water is performed to remove the soil. So the more soap used the more damage we may cause because more soap means more rinsing and agitation is required to remove the cleaning agent to prevent quick re-soiling.

Some customers De Hygienique spoke to had expressed concerns about our cleaning treatments not using much cleaning agent compared to conventional shampooing treatment that is perceived to clean better because of more suds. However, our stand remains the same. De Hygienique’s dry carpet cleaning treatment principle hinges on the rationale which we have discussed earlier, that more soap doesn’t mean better cleaning result. In fact, more soap or shampoo may cause the cleaned carpet or sofa to re-soil faster if rinsing step is not sufficiently done to remove the cleaning agent residue.

After experiencing our cleaning treatments that ensure only minimal cleaning agents are used for thorough stain cleaning and will be removed thoroughly at the end of treatment via crystallization technology, customers who initially had doubts on our cleaning proficiency were convinced that cleaning need not use shampoo and lots of suds to produce excellent result.

How to prevent using too much cleaning agent?

1. Laundry

Use half of the recommended amount of detergent even for heavy soiling load. For a full or heavy load, recommended detergent amount for light load is in fact sufficient to clean your laundry efficiently. Too much detergent produces more suds that may choke your pipe. Less detergent also helps to prevent skin irritation. And practically, using less detergent helps you save more money too!

2. Dish Washer

Half of the recommended cleaning amount is more than sufficient to wash your dishes in the dish washer. Most people have overused the detergent that can cause your cleaned dishes and glasses to have a layer of film.

3. Removing stain on fabric furniture

Try to use natural products like baking soda, vinegar, soda water, etc instead of cleaning detergent. If cleaning detergent is needed to remove stubborn stain, ensure detergent is thoroughly rinsed to prevent rapid re-soiling. When engaging cleaning professionals, find out what type of cleaning process the company uses and the cleaning products used for cleaning. Most cleaning companies in the market use conventional wet shampoo cleaning methods because this method cleans faster and cost cheaper than dry cleaning technology. If you want to use wet shampoo cleaning method, speak to your prospective cleaning company representative to ensure your furniture will be thoroughly rinsed after cleaning to prevent rapid re-soiling and cause skin irritation.

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